Benefits Of Being Single

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 4:48 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.You are the envy of all your coupled friends.

This is especially true for guys. If you are the only single one in your group of friends guess what? You are the guy they all want to be like. They see you going out, playing the field, having fun, and not getting into passive aggressive arguments at Bed, Bath and beyond. In other words, you're the man!!!!!

You are the envy of all your coupled friends.-Benefits Of Being Single

2.You can depend on yourself.

Like the song says "Everybody needs somebody sometimes". What happens if you don't have someone? If you live alone and don't have a significant other you often times go through tough emotional times solo. It may be tough but in the end it makes you stronger and you realize you can get through some things. This will come in handy if you ever try to take over the world.

You can depend on yourself.-Benefits Of Being Single

3.You can concentrate on your career

When you're married or with someone sometimes your professional life suffers. You look for ways to get out of the office early. You don't volunteer for that overtime stint to get home to your special someone. Single people don't have that problem. They can stay at work late. They can work overtime. Sometimes those are the things that are the difference when promotion considerations are being talked about.

You can concentrate on your career-Benefits Of Being Single

4.You seem like you have high standards

If you stay single for long enough you begin to create an aura of high quality about yourself. People being to say wow he or she has been singe for a while. They must really be waiting for someone special. Then special people say "I may be special enough to get with him/her. Let me see. Then you have a whole new world of dating opportunities at your feet.

You seem like you have high standards-Benefits Of Being Single

5.You can be yourself

As humans we all have two sides to our personality. There is the personality we present to the world. Then we have the personality which is reserved for ourselves. How we act when we think no one is watching. When you're single, you can start getting better acquainted with the latter. Then you can experience, just like the song says that "The greatest love of all is inside of me"

You can be yourself-Benefits Of Being Single

6.You have a healthier Social life

Many people believe the having a significant other actually improves your social life. And if by improved social life you mean double dates at your local chain restaurant, and pumpkin picking you would be right. If we are talking about the fun stuff like clubbing and going to cool trendy bars, then being single is the way to go. You can enjoy these places with the full effect. You don't have to constantly ask/wonder if your mat is "Having a good time"

You have a healthier Social life-Benefits Of Being Single

7.You find a job more easily

I know this sounds crazy but being single can actually help you in the job market. According to experts, no not scientist these are experts..much more reliable. Where was I? Oh yea. Experts say that single Americans recovered 90% of the jobs that were lost by the recession. Chew on that one for a minuet.

You find a job more easily-Benefits Of Being Single

8.You sleep better

Now science has said that sleeping with a mate makes a person happier and healthier. My response to that.. What the hell do scientists know? They are the same people who gave us Crystal Pepsi after all. Would you rather sleep with half a blanket or a whole blanket? I rest my case.

You sleep better-Benefits Of Being Single

9.You can gain weight with impunity

I know so many people who are married or in a relationship who get guilt tripped to loosing weight. Look there are two reasons people should loose weight. The first is health. If your weight is causing you health problems then by all means shed some pounds. The second is if you are about to become the star of your own reality TV show. You have to look good on TV. If your situation does not fall into one of these two categories then you should be able to get as fat as you want.

You can gain weight with impunity-Benefits Of Being Single

10.Being aware of who you are

I know the term "Finding Yourself" has become cliche but it's true. This is especially true if you're in you 20's you have to grow into the person you will become or want to become. Nothing is more counterintuitive to this effort then being in a relationship. Your significant other is constantly trying to mold you into the person they want you to become. You have to make yourself happy before you can make others happy.

Being aware of who you are-Benefits Of Being Single

11.2. Doing whatever the heck you please!

When you in a relationship you are constantly looking out for someone else. Having to worry about what they like or dislike, taking their feelings into consideration. Who in this day and age has time for that? Look at Tupac he didn't let himself to settled with one woman, and look at him now..well he's dead. What I mean is look at Biggie he got tied down by Faith Evens and look at him now.. well he's dead too. I really got to get better examples but you know what I mean.

2. Doing whatever the heck you please!-Benefits Of Being Single

12.Keeping your money

Gentleman I know you feel bad when you're sitting on your couch on a rainy evening and you have on one to cuddle up with. I also know that you feel bad when you go out with your friends and everyone is couple except you. I know that. Just think of it this way. Your friend has to buy two tickets to the movies instead of one. Two soda's instead of one. You don't have that problem so be grateful.

Keeping your money-Benefits Of Being Single



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