Beer Drinking Games

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 9:53 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Beer Pong

What you need: Beer, 16 oz. plastic cups, a ping pong ball, and a ping pong table How to play: Split up into teams and arrange the 10 cups in a pyramid on each end of the table, similar to you would in arrange balls in pool. Fill the cups with beer, and team members take turns throwing ping pong ball into cups on opposite side of table. When a ball lands in a cup on the other side of the table, that team has to drink the beer and remove the cup. When all cups are gone on one team's side, the other teams wins.

Beer Pong-Beer Drinking Games

2.Beer 99

What you need: Beer, cards, people How to play: Deal four cards to each player. The top card of the deck is turned over, face up, and each player places a card on top of it, while everyone mentally adds up the cards that are facing up. The object is to get the amount to equal 99. Whoever hits 99, must drink. A King in your hand allows you to pass on drinking, should you hit 99. A four in your hand allows you to skip your turn. A ten in the hand, subtracts 10 from the pile when the pile is over 90.

Beer 99-Beer Drinking Games

3.Beers For Cheers

What you need: Beer, television, and the television show Cheers How to play: When Norm touches his beer you drink. When Norm drinks his beer you chug your beer the entire time he is drinking. As you know, Norm is in the bar alot, and is mostly holding his beer or drinking it.

Beers For Cheers-Beer Drinking Games



What you need: A beeropoly or brewopoly board game (monopoly game board can be used as well), beer, and people. How to play: Play Monopoly as usual, using beer as money. $100 equals one drink. You can assign any other type of drinking to each of the other amounts of money.

Beeropoly-Beer Drinking Games


What you need: Beer, Backgammon board, people How to play: Play backgammon as usual, and each time one of your play tokens gets sent to the bar, you drink. You also drink each time you take a piece off the board. Pretty tame fun that can get crazy the more you drink.

Beergammon-Beer Drinking Games

6.Beer Chess

What you need: Beer, a chess board with big enough slots for shot glasses, and people. How to play: Place light beer on one side of the board and dark beer on the other. Game is played like any other game of chess, after designating which glasses are what pieces, such as Kings, Queens, Pawns, etc.

Beer Chess-Beer Drinking Games


What you need: Beer, a television, a Batman movie, and people How to play: While watching any Batman movie, or tv show, everyone takes a drink whenever the word bat is mentioned on screen. If Robin says the word "holy," you have to finish your beer, and if O'Reilly says anything Irish, you have to chug a whole beer.

Batbeer-Beer Drinking Games


What you need: 5 people, cards and at least 3 people How to play: Deal 7 cards to each player. One player reveals a card. The player next to him, or her, has to show a card that is higher, or pass their turn. The next player does the same and so on. Continue till all players get rid of their cards. The first player out of cards is the President for the next round, the second player out becomes the Vice President, and the last player out is the Asshole. As President, the player can make a player drink at any time during the game and no one can make him, or her drink. The President starts first each round. The Vice President can make anyone but the President drink at any time and the President is the only one who can make him drink. He always goes second in each round. The Asshole has to deal each round, cannot make anyone drink and is always last in each round.

Asshole-Beer Drinking Games

9.Beer Bungee

What you need: 20 foot bungee cord, at least a 30 foot room, a table, and people How to play: Tie the bungie to one wall and place a table on the other wall, 30 feet away. Make sure the bungee just makes it to the table, or hardly makes it. Place a beer on the table and tie the loose end of the bungee to a person. Have them try to make it to the beer on the table. In most cases, they will have to stretch to reach it, before the bungee pulls them backward spilling the beer.

Beer Bungee-Beer Drinking Games

10.Beer Hunter

What you need: A sixpack, a box and people. How to play: Shake one can, or bottle, of bear really, really, really well. Place it in a box with the rest of the beers. Switch them around with everyone turned away from the box. Have someone else then switch them around while you turn away. Now one person starts, and picks up a beer, places it to their head and opens it. If it doesn't explode, they have to drink the entire can. if it does explode, well then, you have one soaked friend.

Beer Hunter-Beer Drinking Games

11.Beer Pot

What you need: Beer and people How to play: Players sit in a circle, each placing one beer in the pot. A player starts drinking from the pot, drinking as much or as little as possible. Play passes to the next player who does the same. Whoever empties the pot is the winner.

Beer Pot-Beer Drinking Games

12.Beer Race

What you need: Beer and people How to play: Players start with a full glass of beer. At the same time they all start drinking, and the first person to drink the entire glass and turn the glass upside down over their head wins. The rest of the players who have not finished drinking must immediately turn their glasses upside down over their heads. Wastes a lot of beer, but is a lots of fun.

Beer Race-Beer Drinking Games

13.Beer Bomb

What you need: ping pong balls, two tables set up on opposite sides of room, and beer. How you play: A cup of beer is placed on each table and players take turns bouncing the ball on the floor, trying to land it in the cup on the opposite table. If they miss, they drink. If successful, an opponent must try to bounce their ball into the successful person's cup. If they miss, they have to drink.

Beer Bomb-Beer Drinking Games

14.Beer Blow

What you need: People, beer, deck of cards, empty bottle. How to play: Place deck of cards on an empty bottle. Players blow cards off the deck on their turn. The one who blows the last card off the bottle has to drink one glass of beer. If aces are showing, that person has to drink twice. You can see how those drinks can mount up.

Beer Blow-Beer Drinking Games



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