Basic Life Skills You Should Know

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:21 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Basic laundry

Learn how to do your own washing and ironing. After you leave home you have to remember that unless you hire a maid there will be nobody else there to do it for you, so it is best to learn how to do it early on to make sure you get good at it before that time comes.

Basic laundry-Basic Life Skills You Should Know

2.Small talk

Learn how to make small talk. This will often involve asking other people all about themselves such as "what do you do?" or "Do you love your job?" or anything else where you appear to be taking in interest in them. This can be a great way to get things off on a friendly footing.

Small talk-Basic Life Skills You Should Know

3.Read a map

Learn how to read a map rather than just relying on the sat nav all of the time. It is actually a lot easier than you think and each map will come with a series of keys that you can then use to identify the different symbols that are on there.

Read a map-Basic Life Skills You Should Know

4.Basic interview skills

Always have hands and nails clean, hair trimmed, and a good manner about you. A suit is good for a man and smart-wear for a woman. Go over a list of questions you feel you might be asked at the interview. In other words, prepare.

Basic interview skills-Basic Life Skills You Should Know

5.Basic cooking

Everybody should know basic cooking skills. It is also important to understand how to turn around food in your fridge to stop things from growing old and going out of date, so have a tight grip on it to stop yourself from running into all kinds of problems.

Basic cooking-Basic Life Skills You Should Know

6.Unblocking a toilet

Learn how to unblock a toilet because it can happen to anybody at any time. The toilet seen in this sliced view may help you to understand where it could be blocked or other issues that could be causing a problem. Clearly if it is seriously blocked you will need a professional, but learn the basics.

Unblocking a toilet-Basic Life Skills You Should Know

7.Basic car maintenance

Know how to carry out basic car maintenance such as fitting the spare if required. You should also know how to do things such as check the oil level and also the water level in the car. If you drive this really should be one of the basic things that you can do in your life.

Basic car maintenance-Basic Life Skills You Should Know


Learn how to tip a waiter. The accepted rate is 10% of your bill, however, most tip a little more in order to not look stingy. Or, they tip more to encourage good service and in order to say thank you for the waiter going that extra mile to ensure that they have had a great time there.

Tipping-Basic Life Skills You Should Know

9.Paying tax

Everyone should pay taxes also one should find out how to submit the form. Not submitting your tax return is a criminal offence and it will end up costing you a lot more money in the long term as a result. There is also help out there if you are getting confused as to what you should do, so there is no excuse.

Paying tax-Basic Life Skills You Should Know

10.Nice clean sheets

Know how to make a bed nice and clean, as well as being comfortable, and how to wash all of the linen in order to keep everything fresh. This will allow you to create a nice and relaxing area for you to sleep in and it will actually help you to sleep better as well.

Nice clean sheets-Basic Life Skills You Should Know

11.Money know how

Know how to write a cheque, deal with credit card accounts and the interest they charge, and how to balance your cheque book because without this you are going to run into all kinds of problems. Remember to keep track of statements from your bank to know what is going in and going out of your account.

Money know how-Basic Life Skills You Should Know

12.Learn how to budget.

Learn how to manage your money so that it lasts all month and you can also save. Draw up a budget each month and stick to it in order to prevent yourself from running into problems the closer you get to those last few days before it starts all over again.

Learn how to budget.-Basic Life Skills You Should Know



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