Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 8:28 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Overhead Tree Light

This amazing light makes it appear that you are sleeping in the forest. Just install and turn it on, and fall asleep in this magical place. Even in daylight, the light fixture itself is very modern and unique looking, giving any room that extra oomph it needs to have the wow factor.

Overhead Tree Light-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

2.Indoor/Outdoor Pool

There's nothing better than an indoor/outdoor pool. On a warm day, bask in the sun as you float your troubles away in the pool, or some inside if it gets cloudy. You can be in the pool whether you are in the house or out of the house, and use it during any season.

Indoor/Outdoor Pool-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

3.Aquarium Bed

They say fish are soothing, so why not put an aquarium right over your bed. The reflecting blue light, the fish, and the bubbles are all a great way to fall asleep every night. It's a great way to wake up too, as the fish swim over your head as the sun shines in the window.

Aquarium Bed-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

4.Spiral Staircase With Slide

This beautiful wooden spiral staircase is cool enough, but add a wooden slide to the side of it and you've got the house that everyone wants to visit. Climb the stairs to retrieve a sweater from your bedroom, and then just slide right down and go out on the town.

Spiral Staircase With Slide-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

5.See Through Bath Tub

A see through tub is a lot of fun. Just remember to use a lot of bubbles if you're modest. The glass tub creates quite an illusion though, and it's sleek look will give your bathroom an updated, cool look. It's fun to walk in on your lover while they are in the see through tub.

See Through Bath Tub-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

6.Modern Firepit Coffee Table

This ultra modern, bi-level coffee table with fire pit on the lower end, is a great piece of furniture of any living room, great room, den or finished basement. Light up the fire when it's a little cool, and warm up the room right away. Better than a fireplace on the wall, as you can sit right next to it.

Modern Firepit Coffee Table-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

7.Indoor Slide

For the kid in you, how about an indoor slide in your home? Forget about walking down the stairs. You can slide down and make a grand entrance. It's a fun way to make a ho-hum home into something really spectacular. This chrome slide also looks like a piece of art.

Indoor Slide-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

8.Indoor Vertical Garden

An indoor vertical garden is a great idea for those city dwellers who have a green thumb. Grow it in your kitchen, or any room, that gets direct sunlight, and you can eat directly from it. Basil, mint, and other spices, right from your own garden are about as fresh and pesticide free as you can get.

Indoor Vertical Garden-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

9.Swing Chairs Dining Table

A super cool and comfy way to sit at the table. Each chair is suspended like a swing, from the supporting structure. You can eat and swing and just relax, all at the same time. No sliding chairs in and out, and getting uncomfortable as you wait for each course to be served.

Swing Chairs Dining Table-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

10.Glass Floor Bathroom

How fun would this be? It definitely would take the boredom out of using the bathroom, as you sit on the throne, hovering over the glass hole in the floor. An ultra modern take on a boring old bathroom. You may have seen these on sky decks in Las Vegas.

Glass Floor Bathroom-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

11.Hammock Bed

A hammock bed is a ultra modern way to sleep. With the bed elevated off the floor, you won't be tempted to store things under it and it makes sweeping, or vacuuming, a snap. No more dust bunnies to deal with. It looks super comfortable, too. This is a great idea if you have high ceilings.

Hammock Bed-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

12.Staircase Shelves

Staircase shelves are a great way to give yourself some extra storage without taking up any more space in your home. You won't realize how much space is under utilized under the stairs. This is a great way to make use of them and have place to put things, other than in the basement.

Staircase Shelves-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

13.Backyard Movie Theater

A fun way to watch movies is to set up a screen and some comfy furniture in your backyard, or patio area. Bring some popcorn, candy and drinks, and invite your friends for movie night any night of the week. There's something to be said about watching movies under the stars.

Backyard Movie Theater-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

14.Backyard Firepit

Turn your backyard into a vacation paradise with some sand, comfy seating and an open fire pit. Add some decorative pillows and don't forget the marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers for some Smores. Great for warm summer nights and even cool spring and fall nights. Invite some friends, or have some relaxing couple time.

Backyard Firepit-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

15.In Floor Wine Storage

Store your wine in the floor, with this glass hatch door and spiral stairs with shelving all the way down. It's a great way to keep your wine cool, but also add a cool element to your kitchen that is a conversation starter. Open it up and go down for your best Merlot.

In Floor Wine Storage-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

16.Fire Pit Coffee Table

This cool coffee table adds warmth to any living space. With the square glass enclosure that reaches the ceiling, the flames are encapsulated for your safety. Can heat up an entire living room or den, while adding an ultra modern flare to the ambiance. Great even for cool summer, spring or fall nights.

Fire Pit Coffee Table-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

17.Over Stairs Hammock

A hammock usually takes up a lot of room, but hanging one over the staircase is a great way to incorporate a relaxing vibe in your home. Hang out on it to read a book or catch a cat nap. If you have a skylight over your stairs, you are lucky, you can catch some rays in your hammock.

Over Stairs Hammock-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

18.Mosaic Stairs

Mosaic lit stairs are a fun way to add some pizazz to any decor in any home. There little crystals light up with sunlight or indoor light, and reflect on the walls and ceiling with a pretty array of colors. Makes walking down the stairs much more fun, that's for sure.

Mosaic Stairs-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

19.Pirate Ship Room

If you never want to grow up and always wanted to be a pirate, why not turn your bedroom into one, complete with a plank to get into your bed. Jack Sparrow would be proud to visit this bedroom. Arrggggggghhh matey. Who says you can't feed your inner child.

Pirate Ship Room-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

20.Bookcase Stairs

Got lots of books cluttering up your house, and don't really want to store them away. Bookcase stairs is a great way to incorporate them into your decor in a cool, fun way. If you have a full set of stairs in your home, this is a great idea to keep your books present.

Bookcase Stairs-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

21.Door Ping Pong Table

Another game table that can be hidden in a home until you want to use it. A ping pong table that doubles as a door. Swivel it down and grab your paddles and ball, and you've got yourself a great game. It's a fun way to incorporate games into any home, or small apartment.

Door Ping Pong Table-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

22.Kitchen Table/Pool Table

A kitchen table that doubles as a pool table. Just pop the top off and voila, there you go, a game of pool. The wood top makes for a great looking table for any room, but it's a fun way to incorporate a pool table into your home. Usually there's not extra room for one, but now there is.

Kitchen Table/Pool Table-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

23.Cat Transit

If you have cats, you're going to love this one. A cat transit, a type of tunnel system that goes around your house, or apartment, on the walls and ceilings for your felines to have a grand old time. They can make their way around in their own little secret passageways.

Cat Transit-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever

24.Sand Desk

Everyone loves the feeling of sand between their toes, so why not have it every day, while you work? Since you can't take your office to the beach, why not take the beach to your office? Well, at least the sand. This guy built an adult sandbox, where he can work, but still feel like he is in his happy place.

Sand Desk-Awesome Home Interior Designs Ever



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