Awesome Hair Tattoos

Tuesday, Nov 5, 2013, 3:54 pm


There is no greater expression of love than to tattoo it on your body. In this case, it's temporary, but he will be getting a lot of brownie points for this one. The intricate razor work done here creates the perfect pictures of unity and passion. With proper upkeep, this tattoo can last as long as the relationship.

Love-Awesome Hair Tattoos

2.Stars and Shapes

The female hair tattoo can be a head turner, with the contrast of shaved areas and longer hair. These stars and shapes add unique expression to her hair, while maintaining a lot of feminity. Hair tattoos are becoming a bigger and bigger trend with females, who are going shorter and shorter with their hair.

Stars and Shapes-Awesome Hair Tattoos

3.Pretty Petals

More and more women are getting hair tattoos. This type of tattoo became popular with men first, who had short hair already and shaved the sides or back of their heads. Now, women, are taking their cure from their male counterparts, shaving areas of their heads and creating beautiful designs.

Pretty Petals-Awesome Hair Tattoos


Paisley isn't just for walls or clothing. This hair tattoo is an intricate and beautiful design, that is more a piece of art than a hair style. A great contrast to the longer hair on top, it is classy and subdues, with a lot of pizzazz. Hair tattoos are a great expression for anyone willing to shave parts of their head.

Paisley-Awesome Hair Tattoos


This hair tattoo is a great design for the back of your head, with lines and waves creating an intricate display. Easily kept up with weekly visits, this tattoo can last as long as your next hair cut. A fun way to express yourself and have a little fun with your hair. Men don't have as many options as women, so this is a cool way to make short hair stand out.

Waves-Awesome Hair Tattoos


Truly tribal, this hair tattoo is one of the more simple ones but makes a statement nonetheless. In a world of conformity, where everyone tries to look alike, a hair tattoo shows your individuality. As Madonna says, "Express yourself, hey, hey!" This tattoo is easier to upkeep, with touchups on the line work every week.

Tribal-Awesome Hair Tattoos


A real football lover hair tattoo. This guy may have scored the winning touchdown in a close call, and wants the world to know - "it's good." A really fun way to express a love of the game or a great accomplishment. Hair tattoos are a temporary way to make a statement.

Touchdown-Awesome Hair Tattoos

8.Anchors Away

A great nautical hair tattoo, this guy must love the sea ... or maybe being anchored down. Regardless, this tattoo has clean line work, creating the perfect anchor for the back of the head. Hair tattoos last as long as it takes for your hair to grow out, or until you shave the rest of your hair.

Anchors Away-Awesome Hair Tattoos

9.Animal Attraction

You've got that animal attraction! This hair tattoo uses a very cool blend of colors and shading to create the effect of leopard spots. A pale blond base with brown and black splotches gives the impression of real animal skin. A great hair tattoo that will last longer than most.

Animal Attraction-Awesome Hair Tattoos

10.Two Faced

Yikes! This hair tattoo can blur the lines of reason, especially if you've had a drink or two. I wonder how many people have actually spoken to the back of this guy's head. Realistic and a little scary, a truly creative expression. Soon, though, he will look like a werewolf when the stubble grows in.

Two Faced-Awesome Hair Tattoos

11.Peace Rocker

This intricate hair tattoo is all about peace, but in a rock and roll sort of way. Detailed lines create a large peace sign on the side of the head that leaves no mistake about its message. A cool way to use your hair as an expression, and this kind of tattoo can be changed every time your hair grows out.

Peace Rocker-Awesome Hair Tattoos


Hair tattoos have become quite the rage, and it seems everyone wants one. The short lived tattoo only lasts as long as your hair grow out time. This guy wants the world to know he's a superstar, even if it is only for a little while - his 15 minutes of fame ... or in his case, a few weeks.

Superstar-Awesome Hair Tattoos



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