Amazing Ways To Recycle

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 3:45 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Old Cds

So you have moved over to the iPod and have these old Cds lying around that you never use. You look at them and think you might just throw them away, but why should you do that when you can use them to decorate different objects. You need to remember the way that the light hits them and reflects back, so be clever like this chair.

Old Cds-Amazing Ways To Recycle

2.Coffee table

If you have different bits of wood lying around, then why not make your very own rustic coffee table? You have to say that in the right setting this is going to look like a designer piece even though it is just something that you have thrown together.

Coffee table-Amazing Ways To Recycle


How about recycling bits and pieces in order to produce a fantastic work of art? This Christmas tree is made from Christmas bobbles and there is no doubt that it does actually look quite cool, but will clearly take you some time to actually make it.

Artwork-Amazing Ways To Recycle

4.Beer bottles

This building is made out of beer bottles, but how much drinking was involved in order to get as many of them in the first place? The walls are basically these bottles all held together with the usual mortar and it is actually watertight as well, but would you want to live there?

Beer bottles-Amazing Ways To Recycle

5.Desk tidy

How about this idea for recycling tin cans? It is certainly ingenious and as long as you stick them together they will sit there quite happily and as you can see you can store all kinds of things in there. All you need to do is to paint them the color that you want.

Desk tidy-Amazing Ways To Recycle


So those wooden crates are just sitting around in your basement, but part of you does not want to throw them out. However, there is a solution available because you could easily stack them like this and create some shelving or even a shoe rack and if it ties in with the rest of your decor, then this could work very well indeed.

Crates-Amazing Ways To Recycle

7.Pot plants

So those boots are past their best, but does that have to mean that you just throw them out? Not at all because instead you could easily turn them into something such as a pot plant and it is actually more effective than you imagine.

Pot plants-Amazing Ways To Recycle

8.Fish bowl

So that old television is just sitting there doing nothing and you feel like throwing it out. However, perhaps you should wait a bit because you can easily turn it into something else such as a fish tank, but you do need some expert help in order to make this possible.

Fish bowl-Amazing Ways To Recycle


How about recycling items for the sake of giving you some additional storage space? OK this has to tie in with the overall look of your entire kitchen, but for some people this could look rather cool and there is no doubt that it is certainly practical.

Storage-Amazing Ways To Recycle


This is actually a necklace where the pieces of green that you see are actually recycled plastic cups. You have to admit that it looks quite cool even if it is not exactly high fashion, but it is certainly a creative way to reuse that item.

Jewelry-Amazing Ways To Recycle

11.Walking bike

You have to admit that this is pretty cool even if it is not exactly going to be the most practical of bikes to get on and pedal. However, there is no doubt that the person that came up with the idea was certainly creative.

Walking bike-Amazing Ways To Recycle

12.Musical instruments

Why bother throwing out all of those plastic drums when you can turn them into a musical instrument? They will all give you different sounds due to the density and you can add things inside as well to make different tones. It may not sound like a drum kit, but it is still quite cool.

Musical instruments-Amazing Ways To Recycle



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