Amazing Things To Buy On Amazon

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 4:33 pm
By:Tony Williams


Yes this is a rabbit for sale on Amazon that was freshly hunted, killed, and dealt with in the appropriate way. Why somebody would decide to list this on Amazon is one of those strange things that we will never fully understand, but there have been 84 reviews, so perhaps we are the strange ones if we do not understand what is going on.

Rabbit-Amazing Things To Buy On Amazon

2.Toilet Throne

Yes this is an actual toilet that has been designed as a throne and how regal would it be for you to do your business on here? It really does look quite plush, but would you fancy polishing it in order to keep it clean? Clearly it is more for a traditional bathroom than a modern look.

Toilet Throne-Amazing Things To Buy On Amazon

3.Wolf Urine

Clearly there is a practical reason for selling wolf urine, but the best part is that it shows that Amazon is open to selling just about anything. It does look like a big tub, so you wonder how many trips to the toilet the wolf had in order to fill it in the first place? Imagine the delivery guy handing this over to you and congratulating you on your Amazon order.

Wolf Urine-Amazing Things To Buy On Amazon

4.Steering wheel desk

It is difficult to work out the point where you look at your car and the steering wheel and wish it was actually a desk. However, somebody via Amazon has thought of such a moment resulting in the creation of this rather unique desk, but surely you would think twice about spending $30 on it?

Steering wheel desk-Amazing Things To Buy On Amazon

5.Weener Kleener

Yes you are reading this correctly as it is soap for your weener and even though it is clearly a bit of a joke product it is still cool that it is out there and available to buy via Amazon. The funniest part has to be the image in the top right corner with the cartoon drawing of the old guy as he looks very pleased with the product, but perhaps it is best not to know why.

Weener Kleener-Amazing Things To Buy On Amazon

6.Bacon plasters

This product in itself is actually very cool since they have taken the image of bacon and turned it into a rather cool plaster that you can just imagine kids and grown men wanting to wear like some kind of badge of honor. The only thing that you hope is that they do not smell like bacon as that would drive you insane until you had to take it off before you try to eat it.

Bacon plasters-Amazing Things To Buy On Amazon


OK so this is very strange and how it got onto Amazon in the past is a mystery as it is actually some Uranium ore. Clearly Amazon were not happy about this, but the fact it managed to get on in the first place is quite worrying, but not as worrying as wondering who could end up buying it.

Uranium?-Amazing Things To Buy On Amazon

8.Tape pillow

If you are old enough to remember when music came on these things, then this pillow may very well be the perfect thing for you to own. This is certainly nostalgia in a different way, but it is clearly very well made and you just hope that it will be comfortable enough for you to sleep on as it does not deserve to just be a piece of art.

Tape pillow-Amazing Things To Buy On Amazon

9.Bottle opener

A bottle opener is going to be quite a normal and boring object, but not if it is this one made by a company called Kebo. Instead, this is a bottle opener with a difference as you can do it with one hand, so how cool is this item to own? Surely it would be a good talking point at a party if you are opening them like this?

Bottle opener-Amazing Things To Buy On Amazon

10.Special mirror

This is such a cool invention that you will probably look at it and want to own one immediately. Yes this is actually a mirror that comes with a wiper on it and yet again it is something that you look at and wish that you had invented it yourself. It is clever, it is very effective, and ultimately it is something that you would happily use on a regular basis, so perhaps buying it would be a good idea?

Special mirror-Amazing Things To Buy On Amazon

11.Dog costume

Yes this is actually a costume for your dog that involves dressing them up as a T-Rex. The dog does look quite happy in there, but it has to be one of the funniest costumes you are ever going to see. The person that made it is very creative and the shape does kind of work, but would you have your dog going outside like this?

Dog costume-Amazing Things To Buy On Amazon

12.Poo book

Yes this book is actually for sale on Amazon and it is amazing to think that somebody has gone to the lengths of writing something on this subject complete with illustrations. The sad fact is that it can actually be quite useful for you to know more about your poo, but would you not ask the doctor for some help and describe it rather than this option?

Poo book-Amazing Things To Buy On Amazon



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