Amazing Geeky Robes

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 6:22 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Iron Man

This robe is certainly going to bring out the kid in you as soon as you wear it because Iron Man is indeed cool. The only thing to remember is that it is softer than iron because that would just make for a terrible robe.

Iron Man-Amazing Geeky Robes

2.The green lantern

Well this has to be one of the geekiest robes out there on the market right now. The Green Lantern has certainly become more popular in recent years thanks to Hollywood, but of course it only comes in one color, so if green does not suit you, then you are kind of stuck.

The green lantern-Amazing Geeky Robes


Finally, you too can be Superman and how often did you wish that when you were a kid? The only thing missing here is that it should have had some kind of cape included in order to make it look a bit more authentic.

Supermaaaaaannnn-Amazing Geeky Robes

4.Harry Potter

Are you surprised that there are robes connected to Harry Potter? You have to say that this version is quite cool, but just remember that you still cannot do any spells even though you have the robe on.

Harry Potter-Amazing Geeky Robes

5.Wonder Woman

If you can put to one side the fact that it does look a bit too much like a wrestling robe and focus on the character, then you will see that it is indeed quite geeky. This is another robe where it would look better on a woman, but hey if you loved her and are male, then what harm can it do?

Wonder Woman-Amazing Geeky Robes

6.Princess Leia

You have to say that this robe is a stroke of genius with the hood because at least then you can really feel as if you are in character. However, the funniest part is if you are actually a guy and wearing this although that is for obvious reasons.

Princess Leia-Amazing Geeky Robes

7.Captain Kirk

You are probably not alone if you look at this robe and then start to imagine William Shatner in it. That in itself is a scary thought, so perhaps try and quickly photoshop your head into this image before you do yourself some damage.

Captain Kirk-Amazing Geeky Robes

8.Dr Who

For some reason Dr Who just comes across as being perfect for a robe and this is quite a good example. It is also available in blue, so at least you can then pretend you actually are the Tardis or something.

Dr Who-Amazing Geeky Robes

9.Star Wars

It is becoming quite clear that when it comes to geeky robes that Star Wars is like the holy grail for ideas. This robe comes from the newer versions of Star Wars, so you could easily get quite a collection from this movie alone.

Star Wars-Amazing Geeky Robes


This is another great Star Wars themed robe and you have to admit that the detail in it is pretty good. Sure you are going to be a bit taller than the actual character and you do have legs that work, but apart from all of that how cool is it?

R2D2-Amazing Geeky Robes


If you love Star Wars, then you are going to love this robe because it does just remind you of that big friendly furry character Chewbacca. The only thing that you need to stop yourself doing is those noises that it tended to make because at that point you just look silly.

Chewbacca-Amazing Geeky Robes


Go on you can admit it, you look at this robe and you just want it and think that it is cool. Obviously you do need to be a Spiderman fan, but then surely that is most people in the world?

Spiderman-Amazing Geeky Robes



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