Amazing Cupcakes

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 6:22 am
By:Mike Litzler

1.Mario Bros

If pacman is too far in the distant past for you, then perhaps these Mario Bros inspired cupcakes will be better. Once again it will be perfect for a party especially as you can lay them out like this in order to create an entire scene. All it takes is some imagination on your part as to the layout as the rest is relatively easy to do.

Mario Bros-Amazing Cupcakes

2.The Panda

Everybody loves a panda and there is no doubt that everybody will love these panda cupcakes. As you can see it does involve Oreos, but the finished result is amazing and people will not want to eat them and instead would love to just sit and stare at them for hours. You may also feel guilty at the idea of eating an endangered species.

The Panda-Amazing Cupcakes


Imagine how much your kids would love eating these cupcakes. They really are cool examples of what is possible with them and they are perfect for any kind of party and not only on those dark and scary nights. They do take a bit of work to make, but it will all be worth it in the end when you see the delight on their face when they see the finished article.

Werewolf-Amazing Cupcakes

4.Christmas decorations

You can instantly imagine hanging these cupcakes on the tree, but of course that would not work in reality and instead you should seriously consider just eating them. However, they are still very well done and of course there are so many design options available to you if you decide that you would like to make your very own Christmas tree decorations.

Christmas decorations-Amazing Cupcakes

5.Van Gogh

OK this is not one single cupcake, but instead it is actually 24 of them all put together to create this culinary masterpiece. It would be an absolute shame to eat any of them and destroy this picture and you can imagine the time it took to put it all together. This is an artist and not a baker that produced this amazing example.

Van Gogh-Amazing Cupcakes

6.Apple Pie

The good news is that this apple pie inspired cupcake does indeed look good enough to eat and it is also amazingly easy to do. As you see there is a lattice pattern on the top, but you could go one step further and have crystals under it to resemble the apple rather than just the sponge. Try and resist having some ice cream with it as well.

Apple Pie-Amazing Cupcakes


At first glance here would you even believe that this was a cupcake? The chances are your eyes and brain are telling you that it is impossible, but in actual fact it is true. The key here is to use marshamallows to create the effect and you have to admit that it really does look amazing and would be an absolute delight to eat.

Popcorn-Amazing Cupcakes


These retro style cupcakes will take you back to a golden era of gaming where pacman ruled the world. It does look really cool when you see them all laid out like this and it just makes you want to have a shot and revert back to your childhood. The chances are you will feel guilty when it comes to eating pacman himself, so perhaps just have him for show.

PacMan-Amazing Cupcakes

9.The cheeseburger

This is actually a cupcake even down to the apparent meat in the middle. It really does throw your taste buds when you look at this example as you expect it to taste like meat and will get a shock when you discover that it does no such thing. This is a seriously creative cupcake and it will delight guests at a party when you play this trick on them.

The cheeseburger-Amazing Cupcakes

10.The brain

This brain inspired cupcake is perhaps only for parties around Halloween or if your kid loves disgusting things, then they are going to love this. In a funny way you can also see it at a graduation party for a doctor as surely they will love some body part inspired cupcakes on their table? The problem here is whether or not you will be able to stomach eating it in the first place.

The brain-Amazing Cupcakes

11.Mojito cupcake

Believe it or not, but this cupcake does have the mojito mix in it thanks to the mixture containing mint, lime, rum, and zest. Clearly this is not a cupcake for a kids party, but when it comes to a summer adult cupcake can you think of anything better than combining a tasty treat with a fantastic cocktail? The best part is nobody even knows you are consuming some alcohol either.

Mojito cupcake-Amazing Cupcakes

12.IPhone Apps

By designing cupcakes as iPhone apps it does mean that you have so many to choose from as long as you are creative enough to make them in the first place. I guess you can say that this is the modern cupcake keeping up with modern technology and as you see from the image they will undoubtedly be a lot of fun to eat.

IPhone Apps-Amazing Cupcakes

13.The toilet

OK this cupcake is a bit of a joke, but you have to admire the person that came up with it and managed to actually mould a toilet out of icing. I'm not sure about the black dots on the floor as that is perhaps taking things a step too far, but overall it is such a cool cupcake and will certainly get a few comments from people as they watch you munching away on a toilet.

The toilet-Amazing Cupcakes

14.Big Quench Slushy

With these Big Quench Slushy cupcakes you are drawn in by the colors and if you are a fan of Glee, then you are going to absolutely love them. The eye for detail here is amazing and it does show what is capable of being done with the humble cupcake and you feel as if you should be drinking it all up via the candy straw.

Big Quench Slushy-Amazing Cupcakes

15.The Cookie Monster

This cookie monster cupcake is not only going to appeal to children, but also us adults who fondly remember this character from our own childhood. The best part has to be the eyes, and adding in the cookie is certainly a nice touch and this is a cupcake where it would be a shame to actually eat this work of art.

The Cookie Monster-Amazing Cupcakes



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