Amazing Wooden Doll Makeup

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 7:53 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Evil Bride

This wooden doll look is downright scary. She really appears to be wooden and the chin is utterly amazing. You would swear this was a scary doll, chiseled from a block of wood, from the eyes to the cheekbones to the mouth. Even the nose seems to be unreal and wooden.

Evil Bride-Amazing Wooden Doll Makeup


Another great job. This woman is going for the Jigsaw look from the film "Saw." Using white make up and the infamous swirls under the cheekbones, the make up artist is able to pull off an amazing looking doll. With excellent shading around the eyes and cheek bones, we believe she is not real.

Jigsaw-Amazing Wooden Doll Makeup

3.Ventriloquist Dummy

This amazing wooden doll makeup is so realistic you would swear he is a ventriloquist's dummy. The eyes, the painted on hair on the forehead, the chin and lines around mouth, are all perfect. To create the doll look, all semblance of living skin cells needs to be eradicated, and this is one of the best jobs out there.

Ventriloquist Dummy-Amazing Wooden Doll Makeup

4.Mad Hatter

This is a great version of a wooden doll. Done in all white, she looks like the Mad Hatter. Great shading gives the appearance of a lifeless doll that needs to manipulated to come to life. It helps that this woman seems to have perfect skin for the make up application. A fun way to play around with make up.

Mad Hatter-Amazing Wooden Doll Makeup

5.Braided Doll

Another version of a wooden doll, this woman looks to have been carved straight from a tree trunk. With all the marking of a piece of wood, she has long eyelashes that a doll might have, and two braids, giving her, and even more, doll-like appearance. It's a little overboard on the wood markings though.

Braided Doll-Amazing Wooden Doll Makeup

6.Big Kisser

It's the mouth on this wooden doll face that really sells it. If you look closely you will realize that the upper teeth are actually drawn on her lower lip. The black part that is supposed to be the inside of her mouth is really the skin under her lower lip and so are the bottom teeth. The painted lower lip is actually her chin. Add matching lipstick to her real top lip and it appears she has a doll's mouth.

Big Kisser-Amazing Wooden Doll Makeup

7.Pretty Dummy

This woman went for the pretty doll look. She appears more like a wooden Barbie Doll, with marking around her mouth and nose. Even her eyes look lifeless. It's a strange trend to want to transform yourself into a doll, but some people use this type of make up for everyday wear. Others just wear it for Halloween.

Pretty Dummy-Amazing Wooden Doll Makeup

8.Cupie Doll

This woman's mouth really looks like that of a wooden doll. The lines around the mouth and the cupie doll painting of the lips, give you the impression that the doll can speak when manipulated. Using shading on the nose and white under the eyes, the make up artist create the frame work for the perfect doll face.

Cupie Doll-Amazing Wooden Doll Makeup

9.Freckle Face

Here we have a freckle faced wooden doll with accentuated cheekbones. To create the wooden doll illusion, the make up artist uses lots of shading to change the texture of the skin from a living and breathing organism to become inanimate. The eyes, the mouth, and the nose, all come into play when creating this type of look.

Freckle Face-Amazing Wooden Doll Makeup

10.Puppet Face

This wooden doll face is pretty ambiguous. While the short hair and bowtie make the doll appear to be male, the eyelashes, lipstick and eyebrow arches, give it a more feminine appearance. Either way, the wooden illusion is spot on here. We really feel like we are looking at a wooden doll.

Puppet Face-Amazing Wooden Doll Makeup

11.Big Eyes

This wooden doll look is a little softer, but magnificent nonetheless. A prettier doll with large eyes and super feathered eyelashes, the make up artists really knew how to play up this woman's features. The lines around the mouth give the appearance of a wooden doll who's mouth really works.

Big Eyes-Amazing Wooden Doll Makeup

12.Wooden Friend

This creepy trend is done with makeup to make someone appear as if they are a wooden doll. Some of the work is so expertly done, it's hard to tell if they are real or not. In this photo,you would swear the face on the right is chiseled out of real wood, from the cleft in the chin to the marks around the mouth, it's an excellent job.

Wooden Friend-Amazing Wooden Doll Makeup



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