Amazing Watercolor Painting Tattoos

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 3:47 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Give A Hoot

Hoot, hoot, this owl watercolor paint tattoo seems to fly right this guy's chest. Taking flight, his vibrant and pastel colors soar to heights unknown. The duality of the face conjures images of the yin and yang balance. This creature of the night has beauty and wisdom, far beyond our reach.

Give A Hoot-Amazing Watercolor Painting Tattoos

2.Rainbow Bear

Vibrant watercolor paint turns a regular brown bear into a creative piece of art. With a detailed face that fades to splotches of paint that meld in and out of shape. The faded lines and paint give a hypnotic realism that takes you deep into the forest, on an adventure.

Rainbow Bear-Amazing Watercolor Painting Tattoos

3.Humma Humma Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are beautiful and unique creatures that can stop mid-air and flutter in one spot for a while. The speed at which they fly is remarkable, as they often wiz by before you can even catch a glimpse of them. This watercolor art captures the true nature of the hummingbird, stopping for a little snack.

Humma Humma Hummingbird-Amazing Watercolor Painting Tattoos

4.One Fish, Two Fish

These creative little fishies look as if they are swimming down this woman's back. A fish tank made of skin, the orange and black watercolor paint gives these fish the impression of motion, as they seem to swim. Rich color contrasts and intricate detail, give this work of art a lot credence.

One Fish, Two Fish-Amazing Watercolor Painting Tattoos

5.Roses Are Red

Beautiful line work and different gradients of red and green create this elegant rose on the back. Like a painting on an easel, this flower embodies the beauty of the rose, and the colors outside of the lines make it more a piece of art than a drawing, with an unbridled nature.

Roses Are Red-Amazing Watercolor Painting Tattoos


LIke graffiti on a wall, this tattoo is full of expression, with an urban feel. The words in script, painted boldly over dripping watercolor paint gives the impression of spray paint. A masterpiece of brilliance, close to the heart and forever with its wearer. Do you know what it says?

Graffiti-Amazing Watercolor Painting Tattoos

7.A Great Rack

Dripping with color, this artistic watercolor tattoo captures the beauty of the deer. Many people don't get to see a deer face to face, but all this person has to do is look down. An array and mix of watercolor paints create a colorful and eclectic design that covers the entire foot.

A Great Rack-Amazing Watercolor Painting Tattoos


Birds make for great art, with their array of colors and beautiful feathers. Watercolor paint captures soft and gradient colors found on the wings and body of these incredible creatures. This bird painting could be framed and hung on any wall with great pride, but this lucky individual gets to wear it everyday.

Feathers-Amazing Watercolor Painting Tattoos

9.Cover Art

A whole new take on the tattoo sleeve. The skin on the arms and legs are turned into canvases for artistry, as watercolor paint is used to create hapes and shading, resulting in a tattoo that is more like a painting than a picture. Watercolor tattoos are a great for for covering large areas of skin.

Cover Art-Amazing Watercolor Painting Tattoos

10.Butterfly Effect

Butterflies are made up of multiple colors, and no two are alike. When using watercolor paint to crate a tattoo, it creates an almost three dimensional affect, making the butterfly come to life in a mass of multiple colors, just like in real life. An artsy painting on the skin versus a canvas.

Butterfly Effect-Amazing Watercolor Painting Tattoos

11.Go Fly A Kite

Like a kite floating in the sky, this watercolor paint tattoo resembles an artistic interpretation of that feeling. Mixed vibrant colors painted over line work, give the appearance that the kite is really painted on the skin. A great tattoo for those who want something that is out of the ordinary.

Go Fly A Kite-Amazing Watercolor Painting Tattoos

12.Blue Fox

As if appearing from a blue splotch, this fox materializes across the pectoral. In different variations of blue watercolor, a creative and unique tattoo that is more art than lines. Watercolor painting on skin reacts different than watercolor painting on paper, giving it a unique look that differs from the typical tattoo.

Blue Fox-Amazing Watercolor Painting Tattoos



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