Amazing Underground Homes

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 1:01 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Dutch Mountain House - Huizen, Netherlands

This Dutch mountain house is a great alternative to regular housing. Built into the ground, only some of the home is exposed to the elements. With large glass windows, the sun heats the home, while the ground keeps it cool during summer. Highly energy efficient and cozy these types of homes may be the way of the future.

Dutch Mountain House - Huizen, Netherlands-Amazing Underground Homes

2.Flower Petals - Bolton, United Kingdom

Built like a flower with petals, this home is the creation of Gary Neville, the former captain of the Manchester United football team. His eco-friendly house in Bolton, U.K., is projected to be 8,000 square feet with four bedrooms. Build into the Pennine hills, the petals are designed to capture the light for the floors below.

Flower Petals - Bolton, United Kingdom-Amazing Underground Homes

3.Underground Residence - Great Ormside, Cumbria, England

Designed by John Bodger, this two story home was built on an old quarry site. Homeowners, Phil and Helen Reddy are poineers with their underground house, built especially for them. Hidden from the word, you wouldn't imagine that the home was a multi-level property, or that it was even there, if you were not told where to look.

Underground Residence - Great Ormside, Cumbria, England-Amazing Underground Homes

4.Malator - Druidstone, Wales

Modern and sleek, this house is unique in every way. With a steel chimney, peephole doorway and turf roof, the colored pods are what makes it futuristic. Built into the landscape, the home blends in with earth, but on the inside the vibrant yellows and blues are very retro and a total standout.

Malator - Druidstone, Wales-Amazing Underground Homes

5.Residence - Lower Silesia, Poland

When could you sit in the grass and be sitting on your roof? It's not a riddle, this is a real life home that is only accessible to its inhabitants by stairs that are inside the house. The grassy roof makes the house appear to be come up from under the earth. Hopefully it's not to much of a chore to mow the roof, because this house is a beauty.

Residence - Lower Silesia, Poland-Amazing Underground Homes

6.Cave House - Festus, Missouri

This 15,000 square foot home was built by Curt and Deborah Sleeper in Missouri. Ultra modern and carved into rock, it is a modern day cave that Fred and Wilma Flintstone would love. Unfinished sandstone walls and geothermal heating, making this home self-sufficient, with no needs for heating or cooling appliances.

Cave House - Festus, Missouri-Amazing Underground Homes

7.Cave Dwellings - Kandovan, Iran

At the base of Mt. Sahand are houses that are carved out of natural volcanic rock. Seven hundred years old, the residences have all been updated to reflect the times. With the front of the properties looking like it is actually part of the rock, the back sides are completely underground.

Cave Dwellings - Kandovan, Iran-Amazing Underground Homes

8.Hobbit Home - Vals, Switzerland

Looking like it was built for a real life Hobbit, this home contains thermal baths. Almost completely underground, architects SeArch and Christian Miller created this home with great views from the exposed side. Easy to heat and to keep cool, this home really seems to be a dream. Seems the Hobbits may have known a thing or two about home design.

Hobbit Home - Vals, Switzerland-Amazing Underground Homes

9.Arc House - East Hampton, New York

Arc House - East Hampton, New York

Arc House - East Hampton, New York-Amazing Underground Homes

10.Stone Desert Home - Greece

Built directly into the sloping hills, this house looks to be a part of the desert rather than a piece of property sitting on the sand. With natural light and heat, there is also a cooling cross wind, in this Greek design. Only visible from the center of the house, it is easily passed up as an abandoned structure.

Stone Desert Home - Greece-Amazing Underground Homes

11.Sedum House - North Norfolk, United Kingdom

Most of this home is underground, so the exposed areas were built to ensure the maximum amount of sunlight. Looking like a futuristic home, there is more to this house than meets the eye. The rain water harvesting system makes this home a frontrunner in construction going more green.

Sedum House - North Norfolk, United Kingdom-Amazing Underground Homes

12.Earth Houses - dieticon, Switzerland

These earth houses are some of the most beautiful underground homes you will find. Built directly into the land, the roofs are covered with grass, but the front faces are very futuristic, resembling pods. Completely energy efficient, they are warm in winter, cool in summer. Very little outdoor maintenance is required.

Earth Houses - dieticon, Switzerland-Amazing Underground Homes



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