15 Amazing Tree Houses Ever

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 11:49 am
By:Mike Litzler

A tree house is a small house or cabin like structure that is constructed on the trunk or branches of a tree. People build tree houses for leisure and recreational purposes. In forests, the tree houses serve as a shelter for wildlife explorers, researchers and hunters. Tree houses became very popular in the 90s, as more and more people started building them. A tree house construction can be a fun family activity, especially if you have younger children in the family. Do you want to build a tree house for your family? Check these fifteen amazing tree houses for inspiration!
1.Brick House

As if this house is not strange enough with the way it has been built on those three stumps, it is also made of bricks at different points making it heavier and defying the laws of physics. It is not the coolest tree house to have ever been built, but it does provide you with a sense of mystery and intrigue as to how it just works as it can easily confuse your mind if you are not careful.

Brick House-15 Amazing Tree Houses Ever

2.The Shanty Town

The shanty town is the best possible name for this tree house due to the rather haphazard way it appears to have been built. You do expect it to just tumble down into a heap at some point as it just does not look that safe, but it is all about how things are balanced and it is certainly far more cleverer than you think.

The Shanty Town-15 Amazing Tree Houses Ever

3.The Castle

This tree house really does resemble a castle from a fairy tale and it would be amazing to explore it. The design is so well done and you can see that they took their time with building it and that it is solid and you would have loved to have played in it as a child. This is one tree house that will stand the test of time and will be enjoyed by counteless numbers of people.

The Castle-15 Amazing Tree Houses Ever

4.Shop House

Yes this is a shop in a tree and it takes the meaning of the term tree house to an entirely new level. At what point did the owner look at this tree, which is massive, and think that it would be a good idea to build up there? Obviously the stairs are to the side, but I guess disabled access is not available.

Shop House-15 Amazing Tree Houses Ever

5.The ball tree house

The temptation was to call this the eyeball, but it is such a cool design and such a cool tree house that no name can actually do it justice. Obviously there will not be a lot of room inside, but that does not matter due to the way it looks and anyway it just means it must be quite snug and quiet. It is bizarre, but at the same time it is brilliant.

The ball tree house-15 Amazing Tree Houses Ever

6.The pod tree house

Imagine the views that you get from the top of this tree house. It has been called the pod here as that is what it resembles most closely and it is certainly a cool design on what is not exactly the biggest tree for a house to be built upon. In all honesty it could be quite scary climbing up that ladder, but you would be rewarded for that bravery later.

The pod tree house-15 Amazing Tree Houses Ever

7.The UFO tree house

This UFO style tree house is capable of blowing your mind as it does not look like a tree house at all no matter which angle you view it from. In actual fact this is a special hotel in a forest in Sweden and it will certainly give you something to talk about after your vacation when you tell people you lived in a UFO.

The UFO tree house-15 Amazing Tree Houses Ever

8.The restaurant tree house

This tree house is also a restaurant and you will find it in Auckland, New Zealand. It is so well designed and it is certainly somewhere different for you to have a meal at and the views must be amazing during the day. This tree house is so well crafted that it is good to see it being used in this way to allow it to be appreciated by so many people.

The restaurant tree house-15 Amazing Tree Houses Ever

9.Bird's nest

It is a mystery as to why somebody has not thought of a birds nest tree house before as the two of them just seem to work so well together. This is a prime example of how well it can work because even though it may appear to be a bit strange you cannot deny that it looks like a birds nest. The designer has thought about every single detail and it would certainly raise a smile if you came across this in a forest.

Bird's nest-15 Amazing Tree Houses Ever

10.The mirror tree house

Look closely as a tree house is actually there. Look for the orange glow and it will stand out for you because this is a tree house that is made with mirrors hence the way in which it blends into the background. This is such a clever design that you cannot fail to be impressed by it and it does work better in this kind of shot where people will just vanish into thin air.

The mirror tree house-15 Amazing Tree Houses Ever

11.The bird house

This tree house is completely different from anything else you will encounter as it combines both birds and humans in the one place. All of the holes you see on the outside are actually for birds to fly in, but you do have a wall between you allowing you to sleep or just sit and watch them as they fly in and do their business. This is a tree house for the biggest bird lover in the world.

The bird house-15 Amazing Tree Houses Ever

12.3 storey high

Yes this tree house does actually have three floors to it and it is very well done when you look at how it is designed and built. You will find this tree house in British Columbia and it is rather enchanting as well as mind boggling at the same time. The tree house is surprisingly sturdy and quite comfortable along with it looking quite cool.

3 storey high-15 Amazing Tree Houses Ever

13.The minister's house

This absolutely massive tree house is in Tennessee and it is made out of reclaimed wood wherever possible. As you see it has various rooms, different levels, and it is surprisingly strong considering its materials and the way it has been built. This has to be the biggest house of its kind anywhere in the world.

The minister's house-15 Amazing Tree Houses Ever

14.The tree house

This is another tree house in Canada, with this one being situated in Lake Muskoka, Ontario. The design here really is ingenious and the work that has gone into its creation is really mind blowing. At different points it really does defy logic as to what is going on with this tree house, but the craftsmanship is outstanding.

The tree house-15 Amazing Tree Houses Ever

15.The Hemloft

This tree house is stunning as well as being scary when you look at those steps at one side. It was actually designed not by a carpenter, but a software engineer who was looking at doing something different with his time. The result is this tree house in Whistler, Canada and it really is breathtaking with views to die for.

The Hemloft-15 Amazing Tree Houses Ever



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