Amazing Halloween Home Decorations

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 6:29 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Spectacularly spooky

This Halloween house has to be one of the best because it is so well done even though there is a lot going on as you look at the image. The lights just add the correct effect, there are enough items to keep you occupied, and you just sense that it is somebody that has spent a lot of time working out what they are going to do when it comes to Halloween.

Spectacularly spooky-Amazing Halloween Home Decorations


There really does appear to be a lot of things going on here with a graveyard, Godzilla, a crashed plane and you presume that is some kind of pilot hanging in the tree. This is amazing in its own way as it is amazingly rubbish, and in some strange way that can also make it quite cool due to the fact it is clearly just thrown together when drunk.

Mixtures-Amazing Halloween Home Decorations

3.Pumpkins galore

Ok so these people obviously love pumpkins, but it is actually very well done and it does not look as bad as you perhaps initially feared. This has taken a number of Halloween themes, but done them in quite a classy and controlled way, so overall it is very well done and something you would love to stare at as you drive by.

Pumpkins galore-Amazing Halloween Home Decorations

4.Blow up spooky

A lot of these decorations involves blowing up an inflatable, but it is still effective as it dresses the outside of your house in next to no time. Of course they may not be as refined as other decorations, but it creates a good archway onto your property and warns them of the dangers that lie ahead.

Blow up spooky-Amazing Halloween Home Decorations

5.Lights and lights

You can never have enough lights when it comes to your Halloween decorations as can be seen here. Of course they need to be orange or yellow as no other color will do, but when you have them out like this it can create a cool effect that will scare and entertain in equal measure. The guy hanging by the door is entirely optional.

Lights and lights-Amazing Halloween Home Decorations


You can create this RIP grave without actually digging up any of your lawn because it is simple a case of spreading some dirt on, putting up a fake headstone, and putting the appropriate body parts down. The overall effect is one that is pretty cool and it is the perfect thing to have outside your home.

RIP-Amazing Halloween Home Decorations

7.Horror films

This is all about the classic horror/slasher movies that are so popular at this time of year and if you love watching them there is a good chance you can identify a number of the characters that appear in these decorations. A lot of thought has gone into all of this even though to some it will look like a mish mash of ideas.

Horror films-Amazing Halloween Home Decorations

8.Giant spiders

This is so cool because it is making full use of the entire building in a way that is quite unique. It shows that even without a lot of space out the front of the building that there are still options as to what you can do, so get creative with spiders and produce something as amazing as this.

Giant spiders-Amazing Halloween Home Decorations

9.Windows and doors

What this particular decoration shows is that you need to make full use of your windows and doors in order to get something that is effective and scary. You have a lot of options when it comes to what is going to go into your windows, so think carefully, cut them out of card, and make sure the light behind them is also perfect.

Windows and doors-Amazing Halloween Home Decorations


This is clever in that it tackles a subject that more people are now aware of and turns it into a cool Halloween decoration. The making of this must have taken some time, but you have to say that it is very well done and it will certainly make people stop and look at it.

UFO-Amazing Halloween Home Decorations

11.The 80s

This is not scary, but it does link in with that cool film from the 80s, Ghostbusters. You have to say that it is very well done and it is certainly different from being all about witches, so the people behind these decorations should be quite proud of what they have managed to do.

The 80s-Amazing Halloween Home Decorations

12.Pumpkin Man

The thing that is amazing about this particular Halloween decoration is the sheer size of the thing. You can see by the guy standing next to it that this thing is huge, so it will clearly dominate the area like no other decoration could possible hope to do, but also how well made is it? This is a work of art.

Pumpkin Man-Amazing Halloween Home Decorations



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