Amazing Bus Paint Jobs

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 8:29 am
By:Mike Litzler

1.Car crash

This design is actually to do more with road safety than anything else, but at least they have gone to the trouble of making the doors appear as if they are destroyed and even scratches and dents on the bodywork. This must have taken a lot of time to design, but the end effect is amazing and they should be rightfully proud of what they have achieved.

Car crash-Amazing Bus Paint Jobs

2.Weight Watchers again

It is clear that this company is ingenious when it comes to advertising on a bus as you only have to look at the way in which they have used the bendy part to maximum effect. Here the woman is thin, then it is straight and her weight appears to shoot up again and from a marketing point of view the public are going to be drawn to this image and then see the name at the side of it. Very, very clever.

Weight Watchers again-Amazing Bus Paint Jobs


This actually is a bus that is designed to look like a fire engine purely because of Tabasco sauce. It does put across the idea of it being exceptionally hot, so in that respect it does work and the ladder on top is certainly a nice additional touch that could have so easily been overlooked. You really do wonder how different ad men manage to come up with these ideas, but this is one that works exceptionally well.

Tabasco-Amazing Bus Paint Jobs



This is such a cool way to advertise a zoo on a bus with the way that the tiger appears to be attacking it and just ripping it open. It is so well designed that you would love to be riding on that bus, although not if a real life tiger was attacking it, and it would certainly tempt you into visiting the zoo just because of the creative way in which they are advertising themselves.

Tiger-Amazing Bus Paint Jobs

5.Weight Watchers

This is another clever advertising gimmick, but that is not a real woman sitting in the corner just a model as part of the design. It really is well done with them apparently having the bus sitting to one side due to her weight and you wonder how successful it will have been for them. Surely it would at least draw more attention to the company?

Weight Watchers-Amazing Bus Paint Jobs

6.Butt bus

Yes this bus does appear to have a number of people mooning at cars as they go by, but it is just a clever way of using a bus for an advertising campaign. It really is unique and you can see how it will attract your attention as soon as it goes by you, but it is so well done that there is no way that anybody can complain about it even if there are a few choice butts on show.

Butt bus-Amazing Bus Paint Jobs

7.Flipper driver

Yes your eyes are not deceiving you, but apparently this bus driver is wearing flippers. You just know that when he went to work that morning that he moaned when he discovered the bus he would have be sitting in for the next few hours. It is just so bizarre to have a driver in flippers, unless he is really wearing them, that it really does work so well on a bus. You also know that drivers and the public will stop and look at the bus, which is great advertising for them.

Flipper driver-Amazing Bus Paint Jobs

8.Suits You

As a guy you should never really sit on these seats for the very reason as you see before you. This guy has no idea that he is sitting there in the perfect position for this photograph and what an image it actually is. You can just imagine the whistles he must have got from people that caught on to where he was sitting and the designers of this bus must have been over the moon with their work.

Suits You-Amazing Bus Paint Jobs

9.Musical Instrument

This is such a cool way to use the bendy part of the bendy bus by turning it into part of a musical instrument. It really does blend in so well and you can imagine the reaction from people as they see it deriving past. It does open up the idea of other ways to use the bendy part, but there is no doubt that it will be difficult to ever top this particular idea.

Musical Instrument-Amazing Bus Paint Jobs

10.The kiss

As the doors close on this bus the two lovers kiss and it is quite a cool idea and is certainly something that will grab your attention. OK the rest of the bus is pretty plain, but at least they have made an effort with this and it does work very well indeed making this a fun bus to get on should you see it going past you. It is just a pity that they left the rest untouched.

The kiss-Amazing Bus Paint Jobs


This design is very clever as it makes it appear as if the guy is eating that bit of chocolate every single time that the bus door opens. It is very well positioned and it will certainly raise a chuckle if you are lucky enough to be standing at the side of the road and watch it working. Whoever thought this up deserves a pat on the back.

Chocolate-Amazing Bus Paint Jobs

12.The hands

This bus is cool in that it makes you feel as if there are real people with arms sticking out when it is all just some art with specially designed windows. It is linked to a running shoe company and the idea is that they are giving out drinks to runners, but it works so well on this bus that it really is a work of art. You know that you just want to sit there as if you are one of those people.

The hands-Amazing Bus Paint Jobs

13.The snake

This bus looks so cool with the snake wrapped around it as if it is crushing it and indeed at first glance you do think that the bus is indeed that shape. The entire thing is so well planned from start to finish and it would certainly catch your attention as it drove past. However, if you hate snakes it might not be the best idea to go aboard in case it freaked you out.

The snake-Amazing Bus Paint Jobs

14.Shark bus

This bus is so cool especially with the way in which the jaws of the shark open up with it looking as if you are walking right into its mouth. It is so well designed that you would want to board it just for the experience of walking into the mouth as if you are doing some death-defying stunt without the water part.

Shark bus-Amazing Bus Paint Jobs

15.Broken bus

This bus would freak you out, but at the same time it is very cool in its own right. The way that is resembles a bendy bus that has split in two is very clever and the paint job on it just brings everything to life. The best view of this bus is undoubtedly from the side and it could easily catch you out if you are not paying attention and would you not just love to ride on this as well?

Broken bus-Amazing Bus Paint Jobs



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