Absolutely Hilarious Receipt Tips

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 7:19 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Being honest

At least the person is being honest here, but if you are that broke why not eat in rather than spending more money going out? Surely that makes more sense? Maybe honesty is not always going to be the best idea?

Being honest-Absolutely Hilarious Receipt Tips

2.How does this work?

Now either the person in question is being stupid or they are actually being very clever indeed. Are they just incapable of adding things up correctly, or is it a case of luring people in before hitting them with a smaller tip than they expect? Either option is plausible, but we will never know which is which.

How does this work?-Absolutely Hilarious Receipt Tips

3.Bad math

Surely every restaurant would be happy to have customers that cannot count and merely take a guess with the tip. People will tend to overdo it when they have no idea how much it comes to, so surely a restaurant should open that is only for stupid people?

Bad math-Absolutely Hilarious Receipt Tips

4.As much as that?

The thing that gets you about this is that they have been generous enough with the tip, but they then have to go and spoil things by trying to be clever again. Surely they would have been better off just writing in the $5 and getting out of there asap?

As much as that?-Absolutely Hilarious Receipt Tips

5.A bit forward

Surely a tip would suffice rather than subjecting the person to a request such as this because surely this is being a bit forward? You would at least hope that it was a nice bottom, but knowing their luck it will be a lardy one that scares people.

A bit forward-Absolutely Hilarious Receipt Tips

6.Maths lover

This is what you call clever because using the symbol for Pi to designate the size of tip you are going to give means you are a genius. It is not just the fact that you know the number, but to have the foresight to see that it did indeed come to that figure in the first place.

Maths lover-Absolutely Hilarious Receipt Tips

7.Why not??

This person is clearly a fountain of knowledge as this little piece of advice shows. They are obviously trying to be a cool cat, but they just end up looking like a complete and utter idiot, so perhaps it would have been better just to give some money instead.

Why not??-Absolutely Hilarious Receipt Tips

8.Good job!

Well you not only get a good tip here, but you also get a cool drawing as well as a compliment, so what else could you ask for? They must have really excelled themselves as a waiter in order to get all of this praise thrown at them.

Good job!-Absolutely Hilarious Receipt Tips

9.Fair enough?

There is no way that you could argue against this logic because it does mean that they are putting themselves above God and who can do that and get away with it? At least this person, who is a pastor, has the right idea and quickly puts them back into their place.

Fair enough?-Absolutely Hilarious Receipt Tips


Well as if not being given any money as a tip is bad enough they then go and follow it up by telling them that they are fat and need to go on a diet. You have to wonder about some people because even if they are trying to be smart they have failed majestically.

Helpful-Absolutely Hilarious Receipt Tips


You do hope that this guy is hit by karma later on because that is one bad attitude for him to have about all of this. He really must be a monumental idiot and you would rightfully feel ashamed of knowing him in person.

Seriously?-Absolutely Hilarious Receipt Tips

12.Bad calculation

This is clever because it shows that the tipper really is on their game and that they have noticed the restaurant is trying their best to just squeeze that extra little bit out of their customers. You have to admire the tipper in having the ability to work it out and show them the error of their ways.

Bad calculation-Absolutely Hilarious Receipt Tips



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