15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2022, 5:55 pm
By:James Fraser

English language is one of the world's most spoken languages. It is clean and simple. However, those who are trying to learn English always say it is the most confusing language. We have to agree that some grammar rules in English are little strange. For example, the letter 'T' sounds different in three different words not, natural and nation. 
Adding more to confusion, some words in English language sound very similar. Some of them even have same pronunciation or spelling. Let us show you fifteen such words that sound similar but have a different meaning.
1.Weather vs. Climate

Weather and climate sound very similar. However, they are two different words. 
Weather: Weather is simply the way the atmosphere behaves in a particular region for a short period of time, ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. 
Example: It has been raining from morning. The weather is too bad today to go out for shopping.
Climate: Climate is a just a standard weather pattern of a particular area.
Example: When I was new to London, I always had problems adjusting to its climate.

Weather vs. Climate-15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning

2.Meter vs. Metre

The words meter and metre confuses many people.
Meter: A meter is device that is mainly used to measure stuff. Barometer, thermometer, manometer etc are called meters. The word meter is also the American version of British English word metre. 
Example: Jason hopes to find a meter that can measure people's stupidity.
Metre: Metre is a metric unit that is used to measure distance.
Example: My school is just a few metres away from home.

Meter vs. Metre-15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning

3.Isle vs. Aisle

Isle and Aisle is another set of homonyms (similar sounding words) that confuses many people.
Isle: The word Isle means an Island, usually a smaller one. 
Example: We had great time exploring Caribbean isles last year.
Aisle: The word aisle means a passage between rows of seats in train, airplane, theater or church. 
Example: Kelly tripped and fell down while she was walking on a slippery aisle at supermarket.

Isle vs. Aisle-15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning

4.HIV vs. AIDS

We have one more set of words that most people get wrong.
HIV: HIV is the name of a virus. HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. One can have HIV and not AIDS. 
Example: John contracted HIV through unprotected sex with someone. 
AIDS: AIDS, which stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is actually a medical condition caused by HIV virus. 
Example: Adam has been suffering from AIDS for the past four years.

HIV vs. AIDS-15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning

5.Crocodile vs. Alligator

Alligators and crocodiles are two different species. Hence one should clearly differentiate when they are writing or talking about them.
Crocodile: Crocodiles are giant water reptiles that grow up to 5 meters, and live for seventy to hundred years. Crocodiles have sharp V shaped snouts.
Example: Saltwater crocodiles in Australia are one of the most dangerous animals living on this planet.
Alligator: Alligators are native only to America and China. They are not as big as crocodiles. They live in freshwater. 
Example: I spotted an alligator by the side of a river in my recent trip to Louisiana.

Crocodile vs. Alligator-15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning

6.Censor vs. Censure

Censor and censure carry two completely different meanings, although they sound like they are related.
Censor: censor/censoring is an act of banning, blocking or suppressing books, music or movies by government, monarchs or officials.
Example: That particular part of the movie was censored by US government. However, you can still see it in international version.
Censure: The word censure is used whenever there is a need to express strong disapproval towards something.
Example: John censure women who act sweet just to get their stuff done.

Censor vs. Censure-15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning

7.Dual vs. Duel

These two words bother some Harry Potter fans more than anyone.
Dual: The word dual, mostly used as an adjective, means it is related to two things or objects.
Example: Dual SIM phones have highest demand in Asian countries.
Duel: Duel means a fight or combat between two people or two parties, using deadly weapons. Duel refers to a fight that follows a standard set of moves like that of karate or kung fu. 
Example: The kung fu duel between Neil and John was amazing.

Dual vs. Duel-15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning


8.Cyclone vs. Hurricane

Cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons – all sound same, but they are different.
Cyclone: Cyclones are high speed inward spiral winds that travel towards an area of low barometric pressure. Cyclones mostly occur in South Pacific and Indian Oceans.
Example: Cyclone Phailin rocked eastern shore of India causing massive damage.
Hurricane: Hurricanes are same weather phenomenon as cyclones. They are more intense than a cyclone. Cyclones that occur in Atlantic and North Pacific regions are called hurricanes.
Example: Hurricane Isabel is the most powerful one to hit North Carolina since Hurricane Hazel in 1954.

Cyclone vs. Hurricane-15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning

9.Pills vs. Tablets

Pills, tablets, capsules are not same. The main difference between them is their shape.
Pill: A pill is a small and round dosage of medicine. Pills are often coated with a shiny layer to make them easy to swallow.
Example: Birth control pills are effective despite the fact that they are linked to some serious side effects.
Tablet: Tablets are compressed powder of medicine, which are available in many shapes except spherical shape.
Example: Though tablets are hard to swallow, they work better than syrups.

Pills vs. Tablets-15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning


10.Assent vs. Ascent

These two words sound exactly same. However, they are completely different in terms of their meaning.
Assent: The word assent is verb as well as noun. It means agreeing to someone or something. 
Example: Assenting to higher authorities, John did exactly what he was asked to do.
Ascent: Ascent means moving or climbing up. This word is also used as noun, where it means an act of moving or climbing up.
Example: 5000 mountain climbers have attempted ascent of Mount Everest last year.

Assent vs. Ascent-15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning

11.Advise vs. Advice

The difference between the two is - one is verb, other is noun. Hence, one needs to use them properly.
Advise: The word advise is verb, and it means act of advising or giving out suggestions. 
Example: Sheila advised Robert not to eat too much butter, as it is not good for health.
Advice: Advice is a piece of suggestion given by a person to another person.
Example: Sheila's advice of reducing butter intake helped Robert lose some weight.

Advise vs. Advice-15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning

12.Amiable vs. Amicable

Though these two words are closely related, they are different. Check how to use them properly from description below.
Amiable: Amiable is an adjective, and is used to refer people who are friendly. It is used to describe friendly disposition of an individual. 
Example: Stacey is good looking, talkative and amiable.
Amicable: Amicable too is an adjective, which is used to refer a friendly relationship between people or groups.
Example: Despite the split, the couple remains amicable.

Amiable vs. Amicable-15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning

13.Complement vs. Compliment

Complement and compliment sound relatively same. When comes to the meaning, they are completely different.
Complement: The word complement means 'something that completes – or make perfect'. It is a noun.
Example: A good red wine is a perfect complement for a barbecue dish.
Compliment: The word compliment is a noun and verb, which means praise or act of praising.
Example: Keep complementing your kids whenever they do something good. A compliment by parents or teachers always boosts kids' morale.

Complement vs. Compliment-15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning

14.Guarantee vs. Warranty

Some people think guarantee and warranty is same, but it's not. Knowing the difference can help you make better shopping choices.
Guarantee: Guarantee is a legal promise made by a manufacturer or retailer that the product is of highest quality, and in case of a failure, customers get a replacement or refund.
Example: I choose that refrigerator mainly because of its 30 day money back guarantee policy.
Warranty: Warranty is a legal promise made by a manufacturer or retailer that they are willing to repair or replace parts of a product, but not completely replace or refund it.
Example: The charger I received with my phone has stopped working. I got that replaced as my phone is still under warranty period.

Guarantee vs. Warranty-15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning

15.Sex vs. Gender

The words sex and gender are very similar in terms of differentiating men and women. There is difference between two of them though.
Sex: Sex differentiates men and women based on their anatomy. One is a man because he has testicles, and one is woman because she has ovaries. The word sex has to do with those physical differences. 
Example: Don't forget to enter your sex on hospital's application form. 
Gender: Gender is more of an identity that men and woman carry in society.
Example: Gender inequality has come down significantly in last fifty years.

Sex vs. Gender-15 Words That Sound Similar But Have Different Meaning



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