Funny Wifi Names

Monday, Jul 4, 2022, 8:31 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Why the flamingos?

You have to question what this fascination is about flamingos in this area because it looks like two people are allowing them to dominate their wifi name. The other question has to be where they have gone in the first place?

Why the flamingos?-Funny Wifi Names

2.Must be small wifi

Well this particular wifi connection is as weak as it can possibly be, so it does not really say much for the power that their penis has. In all honesty they should be ashamed of themselves now.

Must be small wifi-Funny Wifi Names

3.Is that a boast?

So do you think that by calling your wifi this name you are trying to show off and boast about something with yourself or are you just being silly? In this instance it is better if you are just showing off.

Is that a boast?-Funny Wifi Names

4.Bad zombies

Those zombies are just so annoying with the way that they just do not care about your router and start munching it. At least this person has tried to be a good citizen and warn others about the problem before it happens to them.

Bad zombies-Funny Wifi Names

5.It must be thin walls

If you can actually hear your neighbors having sex, then why not keep it to yourself rather than sharing it via your wifi name? However, it does raise a smile when you see it listed there because now the neighbors will be wondering who is listening and who is having sex.

It must be thin walls-Funny Wifi Names

6.A nice reply

Well this is certainly a very nice reply with your wifi name and at least they are trying to be creative. The question here is whether or not they then believe that they do not read it.

A nice reply-Funny Wifi Names

7.Everything is annoying

Do you know the one thing that comes across in these two wifi names? Both of the people that own that connection are annoying in their own way. The problem here is that neither are capable of seeing it and believe that the other one is to blame.

Everything is annoying-Funny Wifi Names

8.I see you hiding

Well this is enough to freak you out a bit if you then feel that they are indeed under your bed. Wait a minute, maybe they are??

I see you hiding-Funny Wifi Names

9.Go see a Dr

This is very clever and it has to raise a smile, but then maybe they are putting across an actually valid point and they need to go to see a doctor ASAP. Maybe this is a cry for help??

Go see a Dr-Funny Wifi Names

10.Stopping freeloaders

Well this is certainly a good way of stopping freeloaders stealing your wifi by doing this. At least they are being nice about it all and politely pointing it out to them.

Stopping freeloaders-Funny Wifi Names

11.A wifi argument

Well this is certainly a novel way of airing your differences in public because how many people would think of using the name of their wifi to put a point across? It also shows that there are two people in agreement since two names have been used.

A wifi argument-Funny Wifi Names

12.Sounds like a nice basement

Well that sounds like a rather nice basement to be in, but only if you are able to get back out all on your own accord. However, surely you should be a bit concerned by the name Uncle Touchy?

Sounds like a nice basement-Funny Wifi Names



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