Worst Rap Logic

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 9:23 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Learn more words

Will somebody help them to learn more words? The one thing you know is that most of them did not do well with English at school, but then maybe that is the requirement in order to make it big in the industry?

Learn more words-Worst Rap Logic

2.A very fair point

This is a brilliant point because they do rap about breaking the law and throwing their money around, but then when a crime is committed on them their attitude completely changes. You cannot have one and then complain about the other here.

A very fair point-Worst Rap Logic

3.Yeah, that is not that tough

You see it is not actually that big a thing when you are bragging about something that everybody in the same state can go and do themselves. You are not really this big tough guy when there are ordinary people with more than you.

Yeah, that is not that tough-Worst Rap Logic

4.Cheap shirts, but high price

Considering how they rap about being poor and how tough life is does it make sense for them to go ahead and sell cheaply made shirts at high prices after the show? We all know that they are not exactly broke, but people fall for it anyway.

Cheap shirts, but high price-Worst Rap Logic

5.Choose your name better

Yeah this does seem like a bit of a contradiction between lyrics and name, but of course they are not going to see that as a problem. Surely you need to make sure that your name balances out with your approach to rapping?

Choose your name better-Worst Rap Logic

6.What would they do??

What would they do if that one single word did not exist? It would completely change the lyrics and the rap world in its entirety, so maybe somebody should try it one time and see what the outcome is?

What would they do??-Worst Rap Logic


The rap game is very volatile and the chances of you making it big are pretty slim, but do not allow that to put you off trying. However, they do all feel as if they are the best in the business, so at least a shortage of confidence is certainly not an issue here.

Quitters!!-Worst Rap Logic

8.They have no idea what is going on

They really do have absolutely no idea what is going on and why people then hate them even though their own lyrics spell it out. They genuinely seem confused by it all and that in itself is a bit of a worry.

They have no idea what is going on-Worst Rap Logic

9.Limited vocabulary

Rappers do seem to have a limited vocabulary and this is a bit surprising considering they portray themselves as lyrical geniuses. They do seem to get stuck on one word in particular, so maybe that is why they use it so often.

Limited vocabulary-Worst Rap Logic

10.Because starships are like that

Yes we all look at starships and immediately start to feel turned on by them, so that is why she then feels she has to act in that way. Let's be honest here and say that no part of this actually makes any sense whatsoever.

Because starships are like that-Worst Rap Logic

11.Do we not know them?

Do they think that we do not know who they are and that is why they have to tell us their names right at the very beginning? That seems like the only logical explanation here.

Do we not know them?-Worst Rap Logic

12.Oh yes this makes sense

Yes Lil Wayne we think you need to offer some kind of explanation. What is it about rappers that makes them talk about being so violent when they never actually do any such thing?

Oh yes this makes sense-Worst Rap Logic



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