Weird Facts About Facebook

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 4:36 pm
By:Tony Williams


When it comes to time spent on Facebook it is Australia that comes out top with an average of seven hours per person every single month. This is a bit surprising as you would automatically think it would the US, but this surfer country beats everybody else hands down with their addiction to interacting on social networking websites.

Australia-Weird Facts About Facebook


Facebook is massive for business and other websites and indeed more than 3 million external websites are linked to them for various reasons, but mainly due to the marketing possibilities that are available. This has led to more than 250 million people interacting in this area alone every single month and that number will only grow.

Business-Weird Facts About Facebook

3.Mobile Phone

Everybody knows that using your mobile phone to visit the Facebook website is extremely popular, but studies have shown that people that do use their phones tend to spend double the length of time on there than people via their computer. Clearly they are doing it while on the move to waste time, but it shows why Facebook really does target this market.

Mobile Phone-Weird Facts About Facebook

4.Texas Holdem

When it comes to fan pages on Facebook, then the most popular is the Texas Hold'Em page with over 41 million fans. This is a huge number considering how many options there are out there, including the number of different poker pages available, but it was all due to being one of the first and one of the better marketed examples on their website.

Texas Holdem-Weird Facts About Facebook


OK people are crazy about Facebook, but why was somebody so crazy about it to go ahead and spend $4000 on a Facebook hoodie that used to belong to somebody that worked there? Why was a silly hoodie so valuable to this individual just due to its links to Facebook? It is not as if it is a designer thing or part of an extremely limited edition.

Hoodie-Weird Facts About Facebook

6.Al Pacino

Did you know that Al Pacino used to appear on the homepage of Facebook way back when it started? It is a strange thing to have on that page for a social networking website because what does Al Pacino have to do with it? Why did they choose him over everybody else in the world? Why was he then taken off?

Al Pacino-Weird Facts About Facebook


The Facebook poke has to be one of the most annoying things about the website, but the surprising thing is that nobody knows why it was created or what it even means. This annoying little thing has never been defined by Facebook themselves, so it does remain a bit of a mystery and it is probably one that you would like to go and use right now thanks to it having just been mentioned.

Poke-Weird Facts About Facebook


Facebook has over 70 different language options available and this shows how global the website actually is and their understanding as to how important it is to make sure that everybody can understand the site. This has to be the most translation options available anywhere online and you can only imagine the work that has gone into making sure that everything works.

Languages-Weird Facts About Facebook


If you are still wondering about how popular Facebook is, then perhaps hearing that people spend more than 700 billion minutes in total on this network every single month. That really is a huge amount and it will of course get higher due to the number of people on there and the amount of interactions that take place.

Minutes-Weird Facts About Facebook


Studies have shown that the average person has 130 friends on Facebook, but in actual fact how many of them are genuinely friends and how many are just people they know for some reason? It shows how with Facebook we are more willing to link up with people just to show how popular we are, so there is a certain degree of vanity on this social networking website.

Friends-Weird Facts About Facebook


Did you know that more than one million links are shared on Facebook in just twenty minutes? This is a huge amount and it is just one indication as to how busy this site is as it must surely account for a large percentage of the total links being shared at any given time on the Internet in general? This number just continues to increase as more and more people use Facebook.

Links-Weird Facts About Facebook

12.The world

An amazing 1 out of every 13 people in the world is now on Facebook, but that number becomes even more amazing when you think of all of the people that do not have access to the Internet. This shows how it has become a global phenomenon and it is the reason why everybody in the Western world does know somebody that is on there.

The world-Weird Facts About Facebook



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