Top 15 Craziest IPhone Cases

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 8:35 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.Louis Vuitton

Are you intrigued by Louis Vuitton? This case is so detailed that it really does resemble a vintage case from the finest of luggage makers. Once again though it will certainly blow your mind when you see it for real the first time, but you will also get a number of comments from people wondering where your Louis Vuitton phone case came from.

Louis Vuitton-Top 15 Craziest IPhone Cases

2.R2D2 Iphone case

If you love Star Wars, then you will love this case as it does copy that cool character R2D2. The case is so well done that it will be absolutely loved by anybody that enjoyed those movies and it really does bring the geek out in you. It is just a pity it does not make the noises that you associate with this rather cool character.

R2D2 Iphone case-Top 15 Craziest IPhone Cases

3.Swiss army knife of iPhone cases

This is the Swiss army knife of iPhone cases as it is more than just a case, but instead offers you various tools for different situations. The thought that has gone into the production of this case is amazing and it is also very well engineered, but how practical it is will depend on you and your skills with the various implements that come with it.

Swiss army knife of iPhone cases-Top 15 Craziest IPhone Cases

4.Watercolors look

Do you love art? Then how about this watercolors case? It looks messy, but it is actually very well done and it will trick people the first time that you show them it. It really does show how anything is possible when it comes to a case, so perhaps buy this one to satisfy the artist in you. Just remember that you cannot actually paint with them.

Watercolors look-Top 15 Craziest IPhone Cases

5.Vintage TV

Most people will be too old to remember televisions like this, but they did exist before plasma and flat screen came around. This is a real throwback case, but it is cool in its own way and is certainly vastly different to other options that are out there. Oh and it will also lead to a lot of questions from people confused as to how you are carrying around such a small television.

Vintage TV-Top 15 Craziest IPhone Cases

6.Give it Nokia's stone look

At one point Nokia ruled the world up until the point when the iPhone was introduced. This case completely plays with the mind by combining these two stalwarts of the phone industry into one case and it will certainly confuse people if you start showing it off at parties. The only sad part is that this case will not have snake and everybody that owned a Nokia will know how cool that game was.

Give it Nokia's stone look-Top 15 Craziest IPhone Cases

7.Wanna have a Chocolate?

If you are on a diet, then this is not the case for you as it will constantly remind you of what you are missing out on due to it looking like chocolate. Luckily it will not also smell of chocolate or that could be too much for most people and drive you insane and all due to an iPhone case. Just remember not to try and eat it or you will run into problems.

Wanna have a Chocolate?-Top 15 Craziest IPhone Cases

8.Bottle opener

Do you want your case to be more than a case? Then why not have one that is also a bottle opener? Imagine how useful this will be at a party when you need another beer, but do not want to go to the kitchen to get the opener? You really will be the man of the party if you own this case and this alone could convince you to go ahead and buy one.

Bottle opener-Top 15 Craziest IPhone Cases

9.Give it a Calculator look

His calculator case is so cool and like other cases, the natural shape of what it is replicating fits in perfectly with the shape of the iPhone case. People of a certain age will remember how a calculator like this was seen as being state of the art whereas now we can do more than this on our phone. It does make you wonder the technology available now that will be appearing on cases in the future.

Give it a Calculator look-Top 15 Craziest IPhone Cases

10.Match box

One of the best things about this case is that they have made sure that the matches are very visible or you would lose track of what it was supposed to be. They have even made sure that the matches are this way up or you would think they would all fall out. This really shows their eye for detail to make sure that the case in general just works

Match box-Top 15 Craziest IPhone Cases

11.Ghetto blaster case

Do you remember the boom box craze? Well thanks to this case you can return to those good old days and it has to be said that the eye for detail here really is outstanding. There is so much going on with this case that you can easily lose track of what is happening, but people will love checking out your case if you own one.

Ghetto blaster case-Top 15 Craziest IPhone Cases

12.Ice cream sandwich Iphone case

This case looks tasty and it is very well done even though it is undoubtedly one of the craziest cases you could ever hope to come across. Once again the shape of the case fits in perfectly well with the design and any other shape would make it look exceptionally strange, even though this does look peculiar on its own.

Ice cream sandwich Iphone case-Top 15 Craziest IPhone Cases

13.self-defense iphone case

This phone does actually have a self-defense mechanism built into it in the form of a spray that can fend off potential attackers. It is scary to think that this kind of case not only exists, but that there is a need for it in the first place just we do not know how well it sells. It is worth adding that others containing a taser do also exist.

self-defense iphone case-Top 15 Craziest IPhone Cases

14.Game Boy case

If you are lucky enough to remember the Game Boy, then you will love this case. It really does take you back to a golden era of gaming and it is perfect for an iPhone case and will certainly lead to a few comments and admiring glances when you pull this out of your pocket. The only problem is believing you do indeed have one when drunk.

Game Boy case-Top 15 Craziest IPhone Cases

15.The Ear Iphone case

Yes this actually is an iPhone case and yes it is a giant ear. You can see how people would laugh if you pulled this out when your phone rang as it is just so bizarre, but well done to the designer as at least they had a sense of humor in producing something that people will love because how many people will laugh when they see it?

The Ear Iphone case-Top 15 Craziest IPhone Cases



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