15 Teachers And Their Epic Facebook Fails

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 8:48 am
By:James Fraser

Teachers are cool, man. They are smart, understanding, and caring. We must thank them for teaching us a lot of things, and help us to shape our careers. Whoa, whoa, whoa - wait a minute! Did we just sound like we love teachers a lot? Well, of course, we do. But only the good ones. Let's talk about the bad ones or the dumb type. Sadly, bad teachers are everywhere, and the chances are high that you may personally know one too. Look at these 15 teachers who were failing badly on Facebook! Their epic Facebook fails are too hilarious not to laugh at!
7.Sorry, Come Again?

It looks like one of her students pulled, and ripped off her necklace. She was just telling people not to wear good things to work. She is a teacher, but we are not sure from which country she is. These days, lots and lots of people from non-English speaking countries are trying to learn English, which is actually a good thing. It is all fine as long as she is not an English teacher!

Sorry, Come Again?-15 Teachers And Their Epic Facebook Fails

8.This Teacher Who Got Owned by a Student

Good teachers are those who are patient. Patience is one of the few critical qualities a teacher must possess. We have to agree with the fact that some teachers are either over-enthusiastic or ill-tempered. We have a teacher here who seems to be little impatient and over-enthusiastic. No wonder he got perfectly owned!

This Teacher Who Got Owned by a Student-15 Teachers And Their Epic Facebook Fails

9.That Teacher Who is More Like a Student

It is usually the students who do all their homework just on the last day of their vacation. This time, we have a teacher! As we said earlier, teaching is a tough job. If you find your job tough, and think your work place is a mess, imagine standing constantly and trying to control a classroom full of students, who don't listen what you speak, or pay attention to what you say. 

That Teacher Who is More Like a Student-15 Teachers And Their Epic Facebook Fails