12 Subliminal Messages In Popular Advertisements

Saturday, Jan 2, 2021, 7:05 am
By:Tony Williams

Big corporations have been using subliminal messages in their advertisements and promotions from a very long time. As you know, a subliminal message is something only our subconscious mind can understand. The science says that such subliminal messages do influence our mind and thinking patterns. Advertising agencies sneak such psychical content in their advertisements to tune people's mind into buying their products. See the following 12 subliminal messages found in the popular brands ads. Do check out our Company Logos with Hidden Messages and Disney Subliminal Messages list for more hidden messages that you may have not noticed.

#1 KFC

This was an old KFC advert and if you pause it at the right minute, then you will see that the lettuce part actually turns into drawings of small dollar bills. This only lasts for a split second, but it does happen and you can only imagine that it is linked to the fact that it basically costs you $1 to buy it.

KFC-12 Subliminal Messages In Popular Advertisements