15 Stupidest Faces Our Favorite Celebrities Make

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 2:04 pm
By:Mike Litzler

Sometimes, willingly or unwillingly, many of us make "derp" faces while posing for a camera. Such photos look anywhere from ugly to funny. At times, celebrities make funny faces too. You are right! You are about to see those funny and stupid faces our celebs flashed in the past. Some stars intentionally made silly faces. The others just did that accidentally. Either way, their faces look too funny to not to laugh! See Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Robert Pattinson, George Clooney, and many more celebrity derps on the topic. Don't miss seeing Emma Watson's troll face!
1.Miley Cyrus Wacky Face

At the beginning, we thought finding a photo that show Miley Cyrus making stupid face would be very easy. In fact, it was very tough as we had trouble selecting one picture from probably an ocean of Miley Cyrus's silly photos! This girl forgot to pose nicely for a camera very long time ago. Here is our Miley making a weird and funny face for her fans. Her face looks a bit scary to be exact. She looks like she smoked one too many joints! WTH, man! What exactly is wrong with her? See more Miley Cyrus's weird, wacky, and trashy pictures.

Miley Cyrus Wacky Face-15 Stupidest Faces Our Favorite Celebrities Make

2.Bella aka Kristen Stewart wacky face

Here is our favorite Bella from the movie "Twilight" or real life Kristen Stewart. She is looking too funny here by making this stupid face publicly. I would like to ask her, "Bella! Is it a new way of expressing yourself as a vampire or this is mandatory for the female vampires to make such faces.

Bella aka Kristen Stewart wacky face-15 Stupidest Faces Our Favorite Celebrities Make

3.Emma Watson Troll Face

I guess, someone did some magical tricks on our Harry potter's Hermione Granger or real life Emma Watson because she is smiling and crying at the same time. I'm wondering about the reason for making such kind of dull face. Even cameraman did his job fantastically as he captured her silliness in his camera perfectly.

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Emma Watson Troll Face-15 Stupidest Faces Our Favorite Celebrities Make

4.Brad pitt funny face

For a second, I couldn't recognize that he is Brad Pitt and he can make this type of strange face. According to me, he never looked that much weird in his whole life. This face is made by someone if he/she said something wrong unknowingly and then realizes that he/she said something wrong.

Brad pitt funny face-15 Stupidest Faces Our Favorite Celebrities Make

5.Emma stone stupid face

Now I can understand that why Emma stone made her feature film debut in the comedy "Superbad". She is looking like expert in making funny and stupid faces. My dear Emma, I can understand you are worried about your figure and don't like this food but please don't make such faces if you don't want to eat it.

Emma stone stupid face-15 Stupidest Faces Our Favorite Celebrities Make

6.Peter Parker (Spiderman) Funny Face

Today, we realized why Spiderman always covers his face with mask! That is because he is habitual of making stupid faces. We never expect superheroes make stupid and funny faces. Do we? In the picture, Toby Maguire looks too comical to be playing a high intensity superhero role like Spiderman. The picture you see now is actually an internet meme and popular rage comic character. Toby Maguire's face is the source of at least three to four famous memes on the internet like "I see what you did there", "pissed off Toby Maguire", etc. 

Peter Parker (Spiderman) Funny Face-15 Stupidest Faces Our Favorite Celebrities Make

7.Britney spears wacky face

The cameraman whoever clicked this pick of Britney Spears, really surprised me because I couldn't ever think that she could look like this too. Hold on guys, let me guess, she is looking too much angry on someone that's why she is making such a weird face during scolding someone for doing something wrong.

Britney spears wacky face-15 Stupidest Faces Our Favorite Celebrities Make

8.Hugh jackman on beach

Here you can see our multi-talented Hugh Jackman. It looks like he was enjoying the swimming but suddenly he saw a shark which was coming towards him. Then this weird face was made by him at the time when he was trying to come out of the water. I guess, this can be done by a cameraman to have this type of look on Hugh's face.

Hugh jackman on beach-15 Stupidest Faces Our Favorite Celebrities Make

9.Robert pattinson weird face

Here is a weird picture Robert Pattinson of twilight fame. It is quite funny but I think, he is about to abuse someone from the media. I'm not so sure about it but from the ugly face which he made, it just looks like..he is losing his temper in front of media.

Robert pattinson weird face-15 Stupidest Faces Our Favorite Celebrities Make

10.Beyonce Funny Face

What happened to Beyonce? Did she just hear someone in the audience say Jay Z is a time traveler?! Did someone tell Beyonce that Hillary Clinton uses a body double? Her "Dafuq" facial expression is hilarious. We are sure Beyonce couldn't recall the next line of the song she was already singing or maybe she lost herself in the lyrics so much that she couldn't control her emotions to be shown on her face! Beyonce is a pretty woman, but here in the picture, she looks too manly to be called a beautiful lady!

Beyonce Funny Face-15 Stupidest Faces Our Favorite Celebrities Make

11.Kim Kardashian

"What happened to Kim Kardashian?" I guess, she heard a bad news that's why she was expressing her emotions like that. But what that news was? Which made her that much shocked? I really admire the media for this, because media just caught her expression in camera without delaying for a second.

Kim Kardashian-15 Stupidest Faces Our Favorite Celebrities Make

12.George Clooney

Here is George Clooney attending a press conference .I couldn't understand what question was asked to him for which he made such a stupid face. It's looking like he was thinking extremely hard for answering that question that he forgot how is he looking into the camera .I think he could also win an another award for making stupid faces.

George Clooney-15 Stupidest Faces Our Favorite Celebrities Make

13.Jennifer Lawrence

Guys! Here I brought to you a new look of your favorite star, Jennifer Lawrence. Have you ever look her making this kind of stupid face. It looks like she had seen an insect like cockroach in her food. I also would like to appreciate the speed of camera man who didn't miss this opportunity.

Jennifer Lawrence-15 Stupidest Faces Our Favorite Celebrities Make

14.Katy Perry

Okay, this one is for all Katy Perry fans out there! If you are Katy Perry fan, you already know that the pop star is known for making such weird faces. She has no problems whatsoever in flashing an ugly face to the camera. There are many pictures on the internet that show the "Teenage Dream" star making funny faces. Of all the Katy Perry funny faces pictures we saw on the internet, this one is our favorite. Just look at the expression on her face. Oh boy, isn't she looking hilarious? 

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Katy Perry -15 Stupidest Faces Our Favorite Celebrities Make

15.Adele On SNL

Well, Adele is one of the greatest contemporary singers. She has near-perfect vocals. The British singer also has a very good sense of humor. Adele is a rare entry on the topic! Isn't she? You don't often see her being frivolous on stage, let alone making a funny face. Adele pulled this hilarious face on a recent "Hello" performance on SNL. She purposely made this weird face at the end of the song. Her facial expression is amusing. Considering the rarity, we think this funny photo of Adele is indeed the best on the topic.

Adele On SNL-15 Stupidest Faces Our Favorite Celebrities Make



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