12 Most Ridiculous Wikipedia Picture Captions

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 11:24 am
By:Tony Williams

Wikipedia is the sixth most visited website in the world, standing next to the internet bigwigs like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. It is a community-driven and non-profit organization. As you may know, contributors sitting in different parts of the world usually write the content you read on the website. Anyone can become a Wikipedia contributor. Anyone can change the content they see on Wikipedia. Now, this means Wikipedia is a big source for trolls to prey on. The world's largest information portal takes special care to prevent online vandalism, though. The following 12 ridiculous and hilarious Wikipedia picture captions show how funny some people can really be! 
1.Going against their name

The person that came up with this caption is very observant and you do wonder if they spent time looking for a photograph where somebody was indeed wearing a hat just to crack that joke? Go on admit it; that is what you would do.

Going against their name-12 Most Ridiculous Wikipedia Picture Captions

2.Well it wouldn't be eggs

Well surely this is not going to be a shock to you because even the silliest of people would understand that the main ingredient in this challenge would indeed be cinnamon. It would make it difficult to do the challenge with anything else.

Well it wouldn't be eggs-12 Most Ridiculous Wikipedia Picture Captions

3.Hopefully not a stranger

All that this caption has managed to do is to make you suspicious as to what is going on in the picture. Maybe it is a stranger, but why the need to point it out? Maybe you are now concerned for the safety of the child?

Hopefully not a stranger-12 Most Ridiculous Wikipedia Picture Captions

4.Sing it!!

OK this is supposed to be serious, but then the caption just ruins the sense of it being serious and turns it into a singing competition. Of course it only makes sense if you have heard the song, but this person is undoubtedly a genius.

Sing it!!-12 Most Ridiculous Wikipedia Picture Captions

5.A mixup

There is a strong suspicion that the caption, the picture, and the page are not in sync here because at least one part of it has to be wrong. However, at least they have tried to be creative here and for some people it is probably the best part of the entire movie.

A mixup-12 Most Ridiculous Wikipedia Picture Captions

6.Man hug

Sometimes the best captions are those that just completely describe what is going on. Clearly they felt that we would be unable to understand what is going on without this bit of help.

Man hug-12 Most Ridiculous Wikipedia Picture Captions

7.Poor Hot Dog Picture Caption

Apparently, the kid looks very sad. Well, this is certainly tragic, but we strongly suspect that the child was not upset because of a hot dog falling on the ground. There is probably something else going on here that we don't know about. Well, at least, the caption is hilarious! Every picture caption on a Wikipedia page can be edited by anyone. You can do that too! Remember, you are not allowed sabotage Wikipedia. The organization uses special programs to block spam. Even if you rewrote a picture caption to make it sound funny, Wikipedia would revert the old content in about couple of minutes. 

Poor Hot Dog Picture Caption-12 Most Ridiculous Wikipedia Picture Captions

8.Winning facial hair

Nevermind all of the intellectual thoughts that he had during his career because apparently it was all down to the size of his moustache. At least they are trying to just draw your attention to the most important part of him.

Winning facial hair-12 Most Ridiculous Wikipedia Picture Captions

9.Sean Connery And Sentinel Prime

Sentinel Prime is the name given to a set of fictional Transformers characters that don't require special introduction, if you are a fan of The Transformers franchise or Marvel Comics. Sentinel Prime does look like Sean Connery. In fact, on Sentinel Prime's Wikipedia page it is stated that the character was modeled to bear a resemblance to Sean Connery. The claim is not authentic, yet many websites and internet forums spread it as an interesting Sean Connery and The Transformers fact. It would have been cool if Sean Connery gave his voice to ST. 

Sean Connery And Sentinel Prime-12 Most Ridiculous Wikipedia Picture Captions


Well there is some debate as to whether or not they are indeed hip kids because they are more like identical twins more than anything else. It really is like a his and hers dressing competition and they tied in first place.

Twins?-12 Most Ridiculous Wikipedia Picture Captions

11.Funky cat

In all honesty this caption is incapable of actually being better than the photograph itself because come on there is no way that you cannot find that to be funny. The cat just looks so cool, but the bandana does just help to set it off perfectly.

Funky cat-12 Most Ridiculous Wikipedia Picture Captions


The funniest part about this caption is that the person obviously felt the need to make sure that we knew who we were looking at. You do wonder if they would have pointed out that the piano was first left if the page was about that.

Seriously?-12 Most Ridiculous Wikipedia Picture Captions



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