Richest Painters In The World

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 7:09 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Julian Schnabel

Julian is both an artist and a film maker and this has helped him to build a personal wealth in the region of $25 million. His work is slightly different in that he uses plates to help build things up mixed with painting behind and on the plates, but even though it sounds a bit strange it is still actually very cool and very well done.

Julian Schnabel-Richest Painters In The World

2.Brice Marden

This American minimalist may not be as well known as some of the other names in this list, but he is still worth an estimated $500 million even though most of it is due to property rather than his art. However, his pieces are still extremely valuable and sought after, so he does make millions just from art, so that alone makes him one of the richest painters in the world right now.

Brice Marden-Richest Painters In The World

3.Gerhard Richter

OK so Gerhard describes himself as a visual artist, but he is still a painter and has a fortune in the region of $40 million, so he does deserve to appear in this particular list. His biggest selling painting sold for just over $20 million in 2011, but he has also sold other works for huge sums of money resulting in him being able to build up that personal wealth and ultimately leading to him being one of the richest living artists.

Gerhard Richter-Richest Painters In The World

4.Richard Prince

Richard is not only a painter, but also a photographer and he has been responsible for a number of collaborations with the likes of Louis Vuitton. He sold a single painting in 2008 for $8 million, so that alone tells you how popular he is as an artist and it has helped him to build up a personal wealth in the region of $30 million.

Richard Prince-Richest Painters In The World

5.Chuck Close

With a fortune estimated at $25 million, this painter and photographer is certainly a very well established artist and one of the wealthiest painters alive today. He is also stuck in a wheelchair, but that has not stopped him from producing portraits that are not only huge in size, but also brilliant to look at.

Chuck Close-Richest Painters In The World

6.Damien Hirst

Damien is both a painter as well as a sculptor and it is believed that he is now worth close to $1 billion thanks to his art. This has been boosted by him selling things such as his diamond encrusted skull for $77 million along with complete collections for huge sums of money. He may be controversial, but people love what he does resulting in this vast wealth.

Damien Hirst-Richest Painters In The World

7.Jasper Johns

When it comes to the best price for a painting by a living artist, then Jasper Johns is the holder of that particular record thanks to his piece called 'False Start' which was sold in 2006 for $80 million. It is believed that Jasper has a personal wealth of $300 million, but he is involved in various parts of the art world and not just painting.

Jasper Johns-Richest Painters In The World

8.David Choe

With approximately $200 million in the bank it is clear that David Choe is a popular artist and it is thanks to his murals and style of graffiti art that he has managed to build up such a staggering amount of money. However, his wealth is due to doing a mural at Facebook and instead of being paid money he was paid in shares, so not only is he good at what he does, but he is clever too.

David Choe-Richest Painters In The World

9.Andre Vicari

There is actually a very good chance that you will have never heard of this painter, but he is absolutely huge in the Middle East. His personal fortune is now at an estimated $125 million and he has three galleries in the Middle East dedicated entirely to his work. He is best known for portraits of famous and wealthy people, so of course they are going to pay him well for this helping him to make this huge sum of money.

Andre Vicari-Richest Painters In The World

10.Takashi Murakami

Takashi has managed to generate a personal fortune in the region of $100 million and it is not all due to his own particular take on the super flat style of painting that is so popular in Asia. In actual fact, he has over 100 employees and they churn out pieces of art as collaborations with major brands to help boost his bank balance.

Takashi Murakami-Richest Painters In The World

11.David Hockney

With a personal wealth of around $40 million, David Hockney has done quite well for himself. This is the guy who is really behind the idea of pop art and he is certainly one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century with his work now having huge prices and new work is snapped up immediately.

David Hockney-Richest Painters In The World

12.Georg Baselitz

Georg has been painting for over 50 years and during that time he has built up a personal fortune of over $20 million. This guy is classed as a neo-expressionist painter and he certainly has a number of fans who would just love to own an original piece of work by this rather fabulous painter.

Georg Baselitz-Richest Painters In The World



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