12 Really Bad Puns And Jokes That Are Actually Hilarious

Saturday, May 30, 2020, 4:56 pm
By:James Fraser

Are you ready to check this stress-buster list of classic bad puns and terrible jokes? Remember, these jokes are so bad that you need to have a great sense of humor or uncontrollable laughing syndrome to laugh at them! Some of these jests are very, very offensive, and if you are someone who easily gets offended, you may not like them at all! Hey, since no one's seeing or judging you, it's okay to read these gags and have a genuine laugh. Now, read 12 bad puns or jokes that are sure to crack you up! Please note that this topic is just a collection of existing jokes and not something we purposely penned.
7.Why Is It Called A Waist?

Why is the part of a woman between her hips and breasts called a waist? 
-Because they could have easily fitted in another pair of boobs there! 
We don't think this pun will impress many girls, but we are sure most men are going to have a good laugh "a tit!" We understand how crazy men are for boobs, but we don't think a girl with an extra pair of breasts looks sexy at all. Nonetheless, it's a joke and its only motive is to make people laugh. Scroll down and keep reading more bad puns and jokes!

Why Is It Called A Waist?-12 Really Bad Puns And Jokes That Are Actually Hilarious

8.Now Some Flavor Of Disgust

What's good on a pizza but bad on a pussy? Crust! 
This joke is disgusting and funny at the same time. It has two of the men's most loved things, and we believe this joke is going to spoil their good mood for few minutes. As mentioned in this joke, a crust on a woman's privates looks disgusting. That's just a terrible condition, and no girl should be dealing with it. Say yes to pizza crust and say bye to crust anywhere else on the body.

Now Some Flavor Of Disgust-12 Really Bad Puns And Jokes That Are Actually Hilarious

9.This Vile Joke

What do Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker have in common? They both died at 95. 
This pun is referring to the deaths of two famous personalities, Nelson Mandela and Paul Walker. The legendary South African freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela, died of lung infection in December 2013. Paul Walker, on the other hand, was a famous American actor who passed away in November 2013 in a car crash. The two of them died with a week apart, and probably this could be the reason behind the origin of this joke. The number 95 refers to Nelson Mandela's age and Paul Walker's car speed at the time of the crash.

This Vile Joke-12 Really Bad Puns And Jokes That Are Actually Hilarious