15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 12:29 pm
By:James Fraser

How often do you see those funny comments on Facebook or other social media websites and laugh out loud at them? Thanks to people with sarcasm and a good sense of humor, such comments really make our day! What you are about to see in this topic are some of the hilarious comments posted by people on someone Facebook's post. If you're a fan of hilarious YouTube comments, then we are sure you'll love these Facebook picture comments as well!
1.Crackers Love Cheese!

Well, this display banner looks hilarious! The phrase 'crackers love cheese' is indeed funny, and we guess not all people can figure out the subtle racist humor in it. Just in case if you didn't get it, the term 'cracker' is used to refer white people. The picture also has reference to a popular white people stereotype, cheese-eating. That guy's comment is hilarious! 

Crackers Love Cheese!-15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever

2.This Is Titanic All Over Again!

Titanic was a great movie, but many people question even today why Jack had to drown himself when there's enough space on the raft to comfortably fit two people. A few years back, the debate was so intense that the director of the movie, James Cameron, had to give an explanation supporting the movie's climax. In 2013, at Cannes Film Festival,One of the wealthiest actor Leonardo DiCaprio was seen holding an Umbrella for Kate Winslet. The umbrella could fit two of them together, but he decided to stay out of it. This hilarious Facebook comment sums up the similarity between the two incidents. 

This Is Titanic All Over Again! -15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever

3.This Garbage Man's Christmas Card!

The garbage man who left the Christmas card seems like a very friendly guy. It was really a very nice gesture to gift that card. The lady sounds like she was impressed with the card. What's funny in the whole picture is that comment below the pic. 

This Garbage Man's Christmas Card! -15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever

4.This Epic Facebook Comment on Justin Bieber

This got to be one of the hilarious Facebook comments ever! No wonder his comment received so many likes! As you might have already known, Justin Bieber's mother Pattie Mellette gave birth to him when she was only 18 years old. His dad was just 19 years old. Without the teen pregnancy, there would be no Justin Bieber. Teen pregnancy activist often use this sentence in their awareness campaigns! Many Bieber fans who support teen pregnancy use the same sentence but in the other context! 

This Epic Facebook Comment on Justin Bieber -15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever

5.How to Stop an Argument!

Well, the tip apparently works only for women. Men can't show this picture to an arguing woman! It only makes things worse. However, women can end an argument (when they finally realize they are wrong) with this neat little trick! Men neither have boobs nor can they flash their privates! But there's an alternative for men as well. They just need to flash something like a diamond-studded ring! 

How to Stop an Argument!-15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever

6.This Badass Criminal Who Wants A Better Mugshot

No one prefers messing with cops, even if they are hardcore criminals. The picture shows a funny conversation between a young criminal and police department. What will you do if one day you see cops sharing a photo of you on Facebook with a wanted poster? It'll freak you out, right? Such posts fright even habituated criminals, let alone ordinary people like us. But this guy is a badass, he replied to the wanted post in a real funny way.

This Badass Criminal Who Wants A Better Mugshot-15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever

7.Girlfriend - NO Girlfriend

This 'girlfriend - no girlfriend' picture is quite popular on the internet, thanks to viral websites! The picture sure looks convincing to men, but most women disapprove with the picture stating it's nothing but a stereotype. Well, going by the picture, we can say that someone managed to see it from a different perspective!

Girlfriend - NO Girlfriend-15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever


8.What's that Smell?

He's definitely going to hell for his comment! If you find this picture funny, you may well be on your way to hell as well. The picture is a reference to popular Kurt Cobain's (Nirvana) song 'Smells like Teen Spirit'. The picture does remind us the legend, but this guy with his dark humor reminded us the tragic death of Kurt. He was referring to Kurt Cobain's suicide with the comment 'gun smoke probably'. As you might have already known, the legendary Nirvana lead singer Kurt killed himself with a shotgun

What's that Smell?-15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever

9.This Dude Who Got Owned By A Lady

It's easy to sound like a male chauvinist online. A lot of men do it. What people like Darrell don't know is that no woman likes when guys have this kind of impression on women! Well, there's nothing wrong with having an opinion but one should express it in a right way without sounding rude. Marcy's comment is hilarious and epic! Getting hit in the face by a period napkin is the lowest ever level a man can stoop to!

This Dude Who Got Owned By A Lady -15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever


10.This Hilarious Comment On A Pregnant Lady's Picture

Well, this got to be one of the funniest pictures of this topic. The comment cracks you up the moment you start reading it! Well, this is a famous beer belly joke. Wouldn't it be great if people with big bellies could cure it by passing out a lot of gas! Oh yeah, we know that's not how weight loss or pregnancy works. This comment is hysterical. Hey, don't miss reading that last comment by Captain Obvious!

This Hilarious Comment On A Pregnant Lady's Picture-15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever

11.This Guy With A Dirty Mind

Well, you may need a couple of seconds to understand what this guy was trying to tell, and once you know what he is referring to, you will start laughing! He was indicating to the two mattresses in the background that look like as if they were having some lovely time together. You got to have a filthy mind to come up with a statement like this! 

This Guy With A Dirty Mind-15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever


12.This Hilarious Response To A Zebra Photo

Is this person dumb or was he just trying to be funny? Going by his words, we believe that the zebra picture confused him. The picture is one of those perfectly timed photos. The zebra does look like it was walking on the fence! 

This Hilarious Response To A Zebra Photo-15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever

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13.When a Guy Has Broken Heart!

Whoever posted this picture had missed the real point! Guys with broken hearts don't look like that guy in the picture. If you want to read an accurate description of that image, read the last comment! The comment is funny, and it will make you laugh for sure. For us, the picture looks more like a 'came too soon' picture! What do you think the picture looks like? 

When a Guy Has Broken Heart!-15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever

14.When Cannabis gets Legalized!

It's comments like these that make us laugh. This person has got some great sense of humor. When we see pictures on the Facebook or internet, we usually find them impressive or amazing. How many of us can think of cannabis smoke after seeing this pic? We guess not even one! Read his comment again, and again. You will find it hilarious!

When Cannabis gets Legalized!-15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever

15.This Hilarious Classified Ad on Facebook

Did you break your headphones? Don't throw it away if you did! There will always be someone to buy it. Don't worry if you don't know how to sell your broken headphones! Check this funny picture and you would know how to do it! Don't miss reading those questions! Let's type those comments for you, just in case if you're finding it difficult to read them! 
Random person: Such great. I have question my friend, are they wireless capable?
Person who posted the picture: Yes, yes, if interested, for a small fee I am willing to take scissors and will cut off the wire!

This Hilarious Classified Ad on Facebook-15 Hysterical Facebook Photo Comments Ever



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