Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 8:45 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Remote Is Within Reach

People depend on their remote control even when their television set is just a few feet away. Sometimes when you get home or finish a chore, all you want to do is sit down and watch some television. In prepping yourself for relaxation, you can easily forget your report. But when you realize is 'sitting' right next to you, you want to give yourself a high-five.

Remote Is Within Reach-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

2.Need More Power

If you're an avid laptop user, then you know what it's like to think you have more time to leave your device unplugged before it shuts off. Most people ignore that first PC prompt warning you to plug your computer it. But when that second notice pops up where you have less than 8% of battery life left, you scramble for that plug like your life depended on it.

Need More Power-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

3.Granny on the Road

The elderly have every right to drive their vehicles, but the rest of the world would probably disagree. It's typical for drivers to proceed with caution when the weather is bad. However, the elderly seem to drive slow even when there are just a few specs of snow falling from the sky.

Granny on the Road-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

4.E-mail Distractions

Students find every excuse in the book not to do an assignment. If a student isn't focused on their assignment, chances are anything will distract them. The thing about e-mails is that if you check one, you feel compelled to keep checking every piece of mail in your inbox until you're done.

E-mail Distractions-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

5.Not Enough Courage

Men are strategic when it comes to talking to a woman. But even a guy with a ton of self-confidence can be shy. When a guy sees a woman he likes, he goes over what he wants to say in his head a few times before approaching her. Regrettably, being slow when deciding whether or not to approach a woman doesn't always work.

Not Enough Courage-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

6.Teaching But Not Teaching

Teachers are supposed to fill kids with knowledge, but even they drop the ball from time-to-time. There are teachers who go over and beyond the call of duty and teach kids extra information when they don't have to. And on the other hand, there are teachers who expect the next educator to pick up the slack.

Teaching But Not Teaching-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

7.Mixed Signals

Women are very emotional creatures, but when it comes to telling a guy she likes him, she clams up. Instead of being upfront, a woman will send a guy all kinds of signals until he makes the first move. Oddly enough, when a woman is in a relationship, she can be extremely vocal about her feelings.

Mixed Signals-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

8.Lazy Laptop User

Using your laptop while lounging in bed can be a curse if you're tired. After sitting up all day at work, a comfortable bed will put you to sleep in minutes when you get home. After using your laptop in bed for a few hours, you tend to get too comfortable and end up lying down with the laptop keeping your chest warm.

Lazy Laptop User-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

9.The Water Bottle Struggle

Drinking a nice bottle of ice cold water is always refreshing. The trouble with water is that you have to wring the bottle around in order to open it. As you twist the cap, you always wind up squeezing the bottle as well. It may not happen every time, but 50% of the time you end up with water all over you.

The Water Bottle Struggle-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

10.YouTube Errors

The best thing about YouTube is that it allows you to watch videos and shows with minimal commercial interruptions. The downside with streaming content via the internet is the numerous errors that occur. It's an annoying feeling to be in the middle of watching a Coldplay video and have to refresh the page because an error occurred.

YouTube Errors-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

11.Get Some Money..And It's Gone

Getting a paycheck or cash would put a smile on anybody's face, especially if you weren't expecting it begin with it. The one downside to this is watching all of those dollar bills vanish before your very eyes. As quick as you get cash, is just as quick as you can lose it.

Get Some Money..And It's Gone-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

12.Always Tangled

Headphone ear buds are more frustrating than Christmas tree lights. If you put these wired buds down anywhere, you have to make sure they're full untangled or you'll be coming back to a ball of knots. The buds seem to get even more tangled when they're in your pocket, which makes you think that someone knotted them up when you weren't looking.

Always Tangled-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

13.Breaking Point

Before every major test, we always make sure all of our No. 2 pencils are sharpened to the highest point it can reach. Sadly, this technique can sometimes work against us. When a pencil point is too sharp, even the slightest pressure can break it before you've even written a line.

Breaking Point-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

14.Just a Teaspoon

Some recipes require a spoonful of water or some type of liquid. If you don't have those specialty measuring spoons, then grabbing a regular teaspoon or tablespoon works just as well. Rather than dipping the spoon in a cup of water and measuring it that way, we often tend to place the spoon under running water, which fails every single time.

Just a Teaspoon-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

15.Pressing Enter Too Quick

If you visit certain websites often enough, you don't even have to type in the entire web address before your browser recognizes the site you want to go to. This technique works most of the time, but if you go to more than one website that begins with the same letters, you can get overzealous and hit that enter key too soon.

Pressing Enter Too Quick-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

16.Forgetting Your Favorites

It doesn't matter how prepared you think you are, there is always someone out there who can catch you off guard. In a normal setting, you'd have no problem listing your favorite items, but when someone asks you about them, on a whim, you mind tends to go completely blank.

Forgetting Your Favorites-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

17.Running For No Reason

Everyone has a 'Rocky' moment in their life. This involves walking slowly on the street, but when you see a large group of stairs, you feel compelled to run up them as fast as you can. There's no viable reason for doing so, you just feel like. And as soon as you hit another flat surface, you begin to walk slowly again.

Running For No Reason-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

18.No Facebook Love

Bragging about how many Facebook friends you have does not matter if none of those people actually care enough to remember important events in your life. You can have over 1200 'friends,' but when your birthday rolls around, only about 50 of those people will send you happy birthday wishes.

No Facebook Love-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

19.Bed Hog

If you sleep with someone every night, you know the trials and tribulations that come along with that. The both of you can be cuddling in the middle of the bed when the night starts. Unfortunately, as the night progresses you find yourself holding onto the bed for dear life because your companion is a bed hog.

Bed Hog-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

20.Just A Trim

A woman can walk into a beauty salon with hair down her back like Rapunzel and walk out with hair like Miley Cyrus. It doesn't matter how many times you a hairdresser that you just want a trim, they will almost always do the exact opposite and hack off a few inches of hair.

Just A Trim-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

21.Deceitful Photos

No one wants the world to see a horrible photo of themselves. When women take selfies, they always have to angle the camera just right so they look stunning in every shot. But when someone catches them off guard and snaps a photo, they look a lot different and not as glamorous.

Deceitful Photos-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

22.What's Your Name?

Some people just aren't good with names. If you meet a lot of people on a daily basis, it is hard to keep track of all of their names you've learned. Sometimes you can forget the name of a person within minutes of meeting them. To save yourself from embarrassment, you try and play it cool and hope they mention their name somewhere down the line.

What's Your Name?-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

23.Split Personality Customer Service

Customer service representatives always have a pleasant approach when you first encounter them. But they can turn from Jekyll to Hyde in a matter of minutes. It is representative's job to be polite. However, the moment you raise your voice to them or want to file a complaint about their service, they turn into a whole new person.

Split Personality Customer Service-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'

24.Not So sound Slumber

Just when you think you are going to get a good night's sleep, this happens. One of the biggest disadvantages of sleeping beside someone else is that you have to adjust to their sleeping patterns and habit. One minute you think your buddy will sleep soundly and the next you're covering you ears so you won't hear them snoring.

Not So sound Slumber-Photos That Will Make You Say 'Every Damn Time'



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