Party Games Ideas

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 7:49 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Wooden spoons

This game is certainly different because you are blindfolded and can only guess who somebody is simply by running over them with wooden spoons. This is certainly as hard as you think it is going to be and imagine how tough it is when you are drunk.

Wooden spoons-Party Games Ideas

2.Belly dance

If there is a good mixture of male and female at the party, then why not turn the tables and have the guys do a belly dance competition. The girls are the judges and give marks out of 10 and the guy with the highest score wins. It really is as simple as that.

Belly dance-Party Games Ideas

3.Holiday stickers

This may initially sound boring, but the idea of the game is that each person has 10 stickers and during the course of the party they need to stick them on somebody without the person initially realizing that it is on them. Of course if it stays on a for a few minutes it counts as a success and the winner if the first person to get rid of all 10.

Holiday stickers-Party Games Ideas

4.The laughing game

This game is best played when most people have had a few drinks because you sit in a circle and have to make a laughing noise in turn. If somebody genuinely does laugh they are out of the game and the winner is the person left in at the end.

The laughing game-Party Games Ideas

5.Balloon volleyball

Get a bit of string, get some space, split into two teams, and you have balloon volleyball. Somebody gets a point if the other team fail to hit the balloon over the net or it ends up on the floor on their side, but just make sure you set a maximum number of points that then designates the end of the game.

Balloon volleyball-Party Games Ideas

6.Who is it?

One person stands in the middle of a circle of people with a blindfold on and touches somebody before asking who is it? The person they touch must answer in a very strange voice and they need to guess who it is in order to move out of the middle. Get it wrong and they are stuck there until they get it correct.

Who is it?-Party Games Ideas

7.Ice cubes

OK this can get a bit cold, but the idea is that two teams race one another in order to see who can melt the ice cube first. Each person can do anything they want with it, but they can only hold onto it for a few seconds before it is passed on.

Ice cubes-Party Games Ideas

8.Forehead pass the orange

This is a classic, but it is still so much fun as two teams need to race each other while holding an orange between their foreheads. The idea is they must run to an opposite wall and back again before passing it on, using their hands, to the next couple in line. The winning team is the one that goes along their line.

Forehead pass the orange-Party Games Ideas

9.Frozen t-shirt

This does require some preparation because the t-shirts need to be soaked and then put into the freezer the day before the party. The idea is that people are then in a race to put their t-shirt on with the winner obviously being the person that does it first. Do note that this is not really a winter game.

Frozen t-shirt-Party Games Ideas


This is another game that does not require a lot of props, but it is very difficult to play. Basically, people have to do the complete opposite to what is asked of them and there is no doubt that it does then play tricks on your mind. If you are told to stand, you must sit, or be quiet you need to talk and if you do what you are told, then you are out of the game.

Opposites-Party Games Ideas

11.No to No

This one sounds easy, but it is amazing how difficult a game it is to play. Basically you split into two teams and nobody is allowed to say either yes or no. The other team asks questions and every time they manage to answer without saying yes or no they win a point, but when they do they get a 10 second penalty. The winner is the one with most points.

No to No-Party Games Ideas

12.The wink murder

This game needs at least 6 people, but it is certainly a lot of fun to play. Basically you put pieces of paper in a hat and people pick one piece. One person will have an M, which means murderer, one has D, which means detective, and the others have V for victim. The murderer at some point has to wink at his victim who then has to die a very elaborate death. It is then up to the detective to work out who the killer was.

The wink murder-Party Games Ideas



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