Most Disgusting Superheroes Ever

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 9:28 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Red Tornado

What is it about superheroes being in red and yellow? Red Tornado is no different here and the fact that he can go from superhero into human at a whim does him no favors at all when it comes to his fashion sense. Oh and he can be very destructive with cyclone force powers, but even that is not as bad as his outfit.

Red Tornado-Most Disgusting Superheroes Ever

2.Matter Eater Lad

This is a superhero from DC Comics and basically he could eat his way through anything with that being his super power. It just sounds like somebody that goes to McDonalds and wants to work their way through the menu.

Matter Eater Lad-Most Disgusting Superheroes Ever

3.Leather Boy

You can probably guess what is disgusting about this superhero in that from the moment you hear his name you think of somebody out of the Village People and him having a big moustache. Instead, he is the arch enemy of the West Coast Avengers and it shows that the creator was having a bit of an off day when he decided a guy dressed in leather passed as a superhero.

Leather Boy-Most Disgusting Superheroes Ever

4.Ambush Bug

It was only a matter of time before we had some kind of big superhero and Ambush Bug is just that. Have you ever stopped to dream up your own superhero? If you have, then would you ever consider choosing a bug? Nope neither would we, but somebody thought it was a good idea resulting in a bug that can teleport.

Ambush Bug-Most Disgusting Superheroes Ever

5.Morbius The Living Vampire

You might come across this guy in the Spiderman comics and basically he is just a superhero version of Dracula. However, the disgusting thing about him is his outfit because what on earth is going on there? He looks like a demented magician from the 1950s, so it is no wonder that he became one of the bad guys.

Morbius The Living Vampire-Most Disgusting Superheroes Ever


The thing that could be classed as being disgusting here is that the creators have basically just ripped off King Kong, so could they not have come up with their own idea? It is just the same thing repackaged in a different way and it is quite sad that they have resorted to this because all he can do is be a bit stronger and faster than you would expect.

Gorgilla-Most Disgusting Superheroes Ever


Well the one thing you can be sure of is that this is not the favorite superhero of Greenpeace. This guy can throw lava, turn things to stone, and play around with gravity and can you imagine what they would say about it. Why does he have to basically turn into a volcano? What is that all about?

Geo-Force-Most Disgusting Superheroes Ever

8.Plastic Man

Plastic Man was first created in the early 1940's and he must have been seen as futuristic at that point. The entire thing about him was being able to bend out of shape as well as changing his size, telepathy, changing color, regeneration, and the usual stuff of strength and agility. Why is he disgusting? Simply because when they created him they went mad on the powers and he just has far too many.

Plastic Man-Most Disgusting Superheroes Ever


You only have to take a look at this superhero to see why it is classed as being one of the most disgusting ever. If you had this thing coming towards you there is more chance of you running away from the superhero rather than doing anything else. The fact that his attribute is flight, well he is a bird, does also show that when it comes to a superhero he is actually pretty poor.

Bird-Brain-Most Disgusting Superheroes Ever


This is a strange superhero because for some reason he can communicate with marine life as well as shoot water out of his hand, which has gone through a number of different forms including a claw at one point. He just looks rather strange and in all honesty you would probably ask somebody else to rescue you.

Aquaman-Most Disgusting Superheroes Ever

11.Milk Man

Yes you can probably guess what this guy is capable of doing because he does of course spew out milk from his mouth. Quite why anybody would even think that this was a good idea is a bit of a mystery, but there we have it.

Milk Man-Most Disgusting Superheroes Ever


This character used to be in X-Men until it was decided he was too disgusting to carry on. Basically he spoke a strange form of Afrikaans and he had two slugs as his digestive system that could eat through anything. After eating they then went back inside him to give him nourishment and superhuman powers.

Maggott-Most Disgusting Superheroes Ever



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