15 License Number Plates With Secret Meaning

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 12:26 pm
By:James Fraser

Now that the world is taken over by the social media, we can speak our heart out clearly, concisely, and as frequently as we want to. Before a decade or two, people used to use various mediums to convey their message, ideology, or even their attitude, and vanity license plates were one good way to do that. Although not as popular as they used to be, special interest or personalized license plates remain a craze among the several sects of the country to this day. Vehicle owners who want to obtain a vanity plate need to pay a few extra bucks to DMV and get approval from them. Here are the 15 pictures of funny license plates that caught our attention.
13.You Shall Not Pass

Why Gandalf license plate? It is because the owner wants his car to be 'lord of the roads'! This is an interesting and super cool plate. The 'you shall not past' sticker on the car made it perfect! This isn't really a super fast car to prevent vehicles from back taking over it, but Gandalf will take care of that!

You Shall Not Pass-15 License Number Plates With Secret Meaning

14.You Will Understand What it is When This Car Flips Over

Few things you can try to do understand this license plate!
1. Try to do a forearm stand yoga pose and watch your PC or mobile screen between your head!
2. Flip your device reverse and check this image (make sure your phone or tablet doesn't automatically rotate image to the right position).
3. Flip this image reverse using a simple photo editor to check what it is!
Isn't that offending? Yes, it is.

You Will Understand What it is When This Car Flips Over-15 License Number Plates With Secret Meaning


Poop? Ew, where? Well, that's what we may tell to ourselves when we drive behind this car! The car has one of the funniest license plates on this list. DMV doesn't approve personal license plates that look a little weird or offending, so we wonder how the car owner managed to grab this one. Nonetheless, we are here to have fun looking at attractive license plates, so we hope you had fun looking at all these hilarious personal, special interest, and vanity license plates.

EWW, POOP-15 License Number Plates With Secret Meaning