Inventions That Make Breakfast Fun

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 9:38 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Omelet maker with no turning

The hardest part of making an omelet is trying to turn it over, but that is a thing of the past with these machines. They do both sides evenly, so you have no need to try to flip it resulting in a perfect omelet every single time.

Omelet maker with no turning-Inventions That Make Breakfast Fun

2.Egg and bacon microwaver

Being able to do your egg and bacon in the microwave just makes life so much easier. This device allows you to do just that and it is also very easy to use.

Egg and bacon microwaver-Inventions That Make Breakfast Fun

3.Happy pancakes

This smiley face pancake maker will certainly make people smile as they are just so different from what you would normally get in the morning. How happy would you be to sit down and see these faces staring back at you?

Happy pancakes-Inventions That Make Breakfast Fun

4.Skull eggs

So you struggle to get your kids to eat eggs, so what do you do? Well in all honesty you need to get them to think that eggs are more interesting and this skull shaper mould will certainly do that.

Skull eggs-Inventions That Make Breakfast Fun

5.Egg cooker and toaster

This is an egg cooker and toaster and once again you can see why it would be such a popular item to own. These two things go together perfectly and you will now look forward to breakfast if you own this.

Egg cooker and toaster-Inventions That Make Breakfast Fun

6.Heart shaped waffles

So if you are fed up with normal waffles, then how about making these heart shaped ones in order to be a bit different? You need a special machine for it, but they are certainly quite cool and at least they stand out from the crowd.

Heart shaped waffles-Inventions That Make Breakfast Fun

7.Omelet and waffle machine

This is not only an omelet machine, but also a waffle machine at the same time, so you can have both made to perfection with the least amount of effort. The person that came up with this idea was certainly very clever and it will make the perfect breakfast.

Omelet and waffle machine-Inventions That Make Breakfast Fun

8.Egg rollie

This is cool because all you do is crack an egg into this machine and it creates some kind of popsicle thing that is cooked to absolute perfection. This is just a perfect snack even though it is slightly strange to see it working at first.

Egg rollie-Inventions That Make Breakfast Fun

9.Griddle with warming tray

A griddle is a wonderful thing and it is even better when it comes with a warming tray underneath it. This is going to be one of the most useful things that you could ever hope to buy and they are also not that expensive either.

Griddle with warming tray-Inventions That Make Breakfast Fun

10.Coffee and toast

Coffee and toast is a wonderful combination, so it does make sense to have both of them together on the one machine. This is seriously cool and how useful is it going to be for you?

Coffee and toast-Inventions That Make Breakfast Fun

11.Microwave bacon

How about this for an invention? Here we have a microwave bacon cooker and all you do is drape the bacon over the edges and stick it in your microwave. It cooks in minutes and all of the fat gathers at the bottom.

Microwave bacon-Inventions That Make Breakfast Fun

12.Everything you need together

This wonderful machine not only does your bagel, but it also makes your coffee and allows you to cook your bacon and eggs at the same time. How useful is this that it is all together?

Everything you need together-Inventions That Make Breakfast Fun



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