15 Hilarious Husband And Wife Jokes Ever

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 4:37 pm
By:James Fraser

When you are single, you see happily married couples everywhere! When you are married, you find happy singles everywhere! Marriages are tricky and complicated. It's an awesome feeling if everything goes well. If not, you have to live with that one annoying person for years unless you are willing to deal with all the personal and financial mess, a divorce brings with it. So, how can one make sure their marriage lasts for eternity? Well, it's quite easy! Make every day of your married life as beautiful and memorable as you can. Don't ever allow a third person to come in between you and your partner and most importantly, make sure every day you make your partner smile and laugh. And to help you with that, Here are fifteen hilarious husband and wife jokes that will make you laugh irrespective of your marital status.
7.This Hilarious Compliment from a Husband

Wife: I look old, fat and ugly. I feel horrible. (Looks into mirror with husband standing next to her)
Wife: Now, I want you to give me a real good compliment to boost my confidence!
Husband: You look good, honey.
Wife: No, no, I want something very real and genuine!
Husband: Your eyesight is goddamn great! (Adjusts glasses on his nose) 

This Hilarious Compliment from a Husband  -15 Hilarious Husband And Wife Jokes Ever

8.This Funny Classified Ad

A man posted an ad on a classified website - "Wife wanted" and didn't give any information other than his email address. The next day he received 100 messages. They all said the same thing, "Take mine." 

This Funny Classified Ad-15 Hilarious Husband And Wife Jokes Ever

9.Different Phases of Marriage

The first two years - The husband speaks and the wife listens
Third and fourth year - The wife speaks and the husband listens
Fifth and sixth year - The both speak, and don't listen a thing, but the neighbors listen everything. 

Different Phases of Marriage -15 Hilarious Husband And Wife Jokes Ever