12 Famous Hottest Women With Dimples

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 7:43 am
By:Tony Williams

Did you know dimples are the result of a muscle deformity? Technically, they are a defect, but we got to admit they are indeed the cutest human deformity ever! A girl with dimples stands out even in a group of pretty women! Moreover, if the woman happens to be a celebrity, she is going to rule the show business with nothing but her dazzling smile. The following 12 hottest celebrities with dimples are a proof why women with dimples are the hottest type. With their perfect lips and beautiful smile, these dimpled Hollywood queens are going to make any guy fall for them right away!

#11 Lauren London Deadly

Lauren could melt an army of irate soldiers with that smile. Can smiles and dimples be rendered deadly weapons? We certainly think so here.

Lauren London Deadly-12 Famous Hottest Women With Dimples