Hilarious Ways Criminals Were Caught

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 6:20 pm
By:Tony Williams

#7 Tattooing The Crime Scene On Your Chest

Anthony Garcia obviously doesn't know what being inconspicuous means. In 2011, the California gang member was convicted of first-degree murder for a 2004 shooting at a liquor store in Pico Rivera. Garcia initially got away with the crime, but he was picked up by police in 2008 for driving with a suspended license. Because he appeared to be an active member of the Rivera-13 gang, police took photos of his tattoos. These tattoos depicted the entire crime scene of the 2004 liquor store shooting.To put the final nail in his own coffin, Garcia confessed to committing the crime, to a couple of officers who were posing as gang members in prison.

Tattooing The Crime Scene On Your Chest-Hilarious Ways Criminals Were Caught