Hilarious Ways Criminals Were Caught

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 6:20 pm
By:Tony Williams

#11 Taliban Leader Turns Himself In For Reward Money

While in the southeastern province of Paktika, Taliban commander Mohammad Ashan noticed a plethora of Wanted posters, with his face on it, had been put up by the Americans. He assumed the posters were for some sort of scavenger hunt, and walked into an Afghan checkpoint; turning himself in for the $100 reward. The Afgan police quickly arrested him on the spot. When American interrogators showed him the poster and asked if that was him, he replied, "Yes, yes, that's me! Can I get my award now?"This should be a lesson to all criminals, that if you need money, and you're running from the police, you're better off finding a job at McDonalds.

Taliban Leader Turns Himself In For Reward Money-Hilarious Ways Criminals Were Caught