12 Hilarious Vape Memes That Will Make Lol

Friday, May 1, 2020, 1:23 pm
By:James Fraser

If we were to list down the types of people that are hated the most, vapers would share space with the likes of feminists, vegans, etc. Vapers are just a bunch of individuals who embraced e-cigarettes over traditional smoking, and the sad thing from their perspective is that they are ridiculed even by regular smokers! Let's not talk more about why people hate vapers, and quickly check these 12 vape memes that are sure to crack you up! Remember folks, vaping is not completely safe as advertised by manufacturers, and it may still cause cancer. 
4.When Internet Husband Hooked Up With Vaping

People who newly vape often get carried away by the experience and brag about it a lot. Most of them develop some kind of obsession with vape kits. They spend a lot of time reading the reviews of new e-cig supplies in the market. In fact, they shell a lot of money to purchase them. Like this internet husband in the meme, obsessive vapers cloud up their home with huge clouds almost every day!

When Internet Husband Hooked Up With Vaping-12 Hilarious Vape Memes That Will Make Lol

5.The Vape Brethren!

If every vaper in the world blew a massive cloud, that would be more than enough to hide Sun for some time! Over the years, manufacturers have been producing great atomizers that let vapers blow thick and massive clouds. In fact, the vaping community has some sort of obsession with big clouds. A lot of them think that blowing thick fumes make them look cool, but, unfortunately, an average person doesn't think so! In fact, people hate vapers because they are afraid that the second-hand vapor exhaled by them cause health problems, which, in reality, is not true. The only disgusting thing, though, is you are inhaling the vapor that came right out of a random guy's lungs and mouth!  

The Vape Brethren!-12 Hilarious Vape Memes That Will Make Lol

6.When You Find Your New Favorite Juice

The number of E-Juice flavors available in the market is so huge that an individual would fail to try all of them even if he smoked one bottle a day! Sadly, most of them are junk, and that is why vapers spend a lot of time reading the reviews of e-liquids on the internet. Unlike traditional smokers, vapers tend to lose interest in vaping at some point because they can no longer find an exciting flavor that can hook them up with their e-cigarette. If they managed to find one, this is exactly how they would feel! 

When You Find Your New Favorite Juice-12 Hilarious Vape Memes That Will Make Lol