12 Hilarious Pregnancy Memes That Will Make Your Day

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 12:34 pm
By:James Fraser

Pregnancy is surely an unforgettable phase in every girl's life. Even though pregnancy involves a lot of pain and hardships, most women remember it as a beautiful experience. If you have ever seen a pregnant woman carefully, perhaps, you are aware of all those problems women face from the day they conceive to the moment they deliver a baby. In fact, the pregnancy complications such as weight gain, hormonal imbalance, nausea, back pain, and heartburn don't magically go away after the childbirth. They continue to bother new moms for several months. These 12 pregnancy memes sum up those pregnancy struggles in a hilarious way. Check them now!
4.I'm A Beautiful Butterfly!

No, no, you are just a cute caterpillar with a big belly! Pregnant girls just need to accept that a big belly is a critical and beautiful part of pregnancy, and there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of it. Many young girls have concerns with their appearance during pregnancy, especially about their larger belly and weight gain. They are afraid that pregnancy may wreck their body shape, and they may never look slim and fit again. It is natural that expectant mothers gain some weight during the gestation period. With a little bit of effort, most girls can easily get rid of their excess weight caused by pregnancy. 

I'm A Beautiful Butterfly!-12 Hilarious Pregnancy Memes That Will Make Your Day

5.Kick Me Baby One More Time!

Baby kicks certainly freak out a lot of young women who are pregnant for the first time. Babies in the womb start to move and kick their mothers' stomach when they are at least 20 weeks old. The first baby kick kind of scares pregnant women, but they get used to it. Over the course of their pregnancy, a woman takes baby kicks as a sign of her baby doing well inside. They get used to the kicks to the point that they will worry if they don't feel their baby kicking now and then. That's the beauty of pregnancy and childbirth!

Kick Me Baby One More Time!-12 Hilarious Pregnancy Memes That Will Make Your Day

6.Everyone Is Showing Off Their Summer Bodies

As said earlier, a lot of young girls dislike it when pregnancy destroy their good looks. As this meme depicts, they can't stop thinking about it round the clock. Even though the behavior is not uncommon, some girls let it slip out of their control and start to resent the pregnancy. It is understandable that one has to lead a very healthy lifestyle to look fit and good and losing it for whatever reason hurts. As the damage isn't permanent, new moms can get back their good looks in less than a year if they work for it. 

Everyone Is Showing Off Their Summer Bodies-12 Hilarious Pregnancy Memes That Will Make Your Day