12 Hilarious Overwatch Memes That Are Sure To Make You Lol

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 12:03 pm
By:James Fraser

In May 2016, Blizzard Entertainment released the team-based and first-person multiplayer shooter game, Overwatch. With over 25 million players, Overwatch has emerged as one of the most played first person shooter games in the recent times. What's great about the video game, though, is that it just took less than a year to grow a huge player base across all gaming platforms. Anything that is famous or infamous turns into memes these days, so, unsurprisingly, there are tens of funny Overwatch memes on the internet. Have a look at some of those hilarious memes about Overwatch. 
1.So Sherriff Woody Is McCree?

Now, that's interesting! More than Woody, Don't you think McCree looks identical to Clint Eastwood in his Western movies? As McCree is an American cowboy, he bears a resemblance to many similar characters such as Woody and all those Western roles Clint Eastwood played. In our opinion, McCree looks a lot like Ray McCall from "Call of Juarez." McCree does look terrific, but when it comes to the gameplay, he is not the best. We didn't mean to say McCree is a useless character! You just need to be extremely good at aiming to win a game with McCree. 

So Sherriff Woody Is McCree?-12 Hilarious Overwatch Memes That Are Sure To Make You Lol

2.Justice Rains From Above

"I will protect the innocent," "Justice Rains from above," are two of the most interesting quotes Pharah says during the gameplay. Apparently, this meme teases Pharah for her obsession with justice and commitment to protecting the innocent. As you know, Pharah a.k.a. Fareeha Amari is one of the most powerful Heroes of Overwatch. The 32-year-old Egyptian security officer's back-story is absorbing. She dreamed of becoming a part of Overwatch, and she worked very hard to make her dream come true but too bad, Overwatch dissolved before could be a part of it.

Justice Rains From Above-12 Hilarious Overwatch Memes That Are Sure To Make You Lol

3.When You Hook Them Just Right

Any Roadhog's fans here? Well, those who love a game for its violence and destruction love to pick Roadhog as their Tank Hero. As you know, Roadhog hooks his opponent pulls them closer to him and shreds them to pieces with his Scrap Gun. Roadhog is a heartless killer. He is a tough Hero, but his oversize makes him an easier target for opponents. Roadhog's long-range hooks are great, but his weaknesses such as immobility, being an "Ult battery," etc. make him a less preferable Tank Hero.

When You Hook Them Just Right-12 Hilarious Overwatch Memes That Are Sure To Make You Lol

4.Nice Stream Of Bullets You Got There, Baston!

Genji is inarguably one of the best Overwatch Offense Heroes. He has pretty cool abilities like Swift Strike, Dragon Blade, Shuriken, and Deflect. Apparently, this meme talks about Genji's Deflect. Genji can deflect an approaching projectile of ammo with his super quick sword swipes. He is a good Hero, but he is still not the favorite character of a lot of Overwatch players. Genji is only for those who want to play and win the game on a harder difficulty, and he is clearly not an ideal choice for beginners. 

Nice Stream Of Bullets You Got There, Baston!-12 Hilarious Overwatch Memes That Are Sure To Make You Lol

5.Freaky Fred And Junkrat Look Similar!

The resemblance is eerie, isn't it? If you watched Courage the Cowardly Dog as a kid, you would instantly recognize "Freaky Fred," a minor character that occasionally appears on the show. Fred is Muriel's nephew and a creepy barber. He enjoys shaving people's heads or trims fur off animals to the point that they become completely bald. As an Overwatch player, perhaps, you don't need a special introduction of Junkrat. Even though he has some superior abilities, many Overwatch players don't consider him a good pick.

Freaky Fred And Junkrat Look Similar!-12 Hilarious Overwatch Memes That Are Sure To Make You Lol

6.You Vs. Your Girl And Her Relatives!

Just as shown in the meme, Tracer, Reinhardt, Solider 76, Genji, Reaper, etc. look cool, and Winston is a weird one in the pack. We don't think Winston looks ugly, but he is usually nowhere near many other Overwatch characters when it comes to looking like superheroes. Winston is just a genetically modified gorilla, so he is not going to look anything different from a typical gorilla, except he wears a combat suit and has cool killing gadgets in his arsenal. Reinhardt as a dad? Seriously? Dads of beautiful girls look more like Roadhog than Reinhardt! 

You Vs. Your Girl And Her Relatives!-12 Hilarious Overwatch Memes That Are Sure To Make You Lol

7.Good Heavens, Would You Look At The Time?

It really feels good when we hear McCree saying, "It's high noon!" whenever he executes his Ult, Deadeye. Apparently, this meme is intended to make fun of McCree for his rather odd catchphrase. As you know, every Overwatch character utters a catchphrase followed by a particular event like delivering an Ult, eliminating an enemy, payload moving, kill streak, etc. McCree's catchphrase sounds cool, but the best character quote of Overwatch goes to Pharah - "Justice Rains from above!" 

Good Heavens, Would You Look At The Time?-12 Hilarious Overwatch Memes That Are Sure To Make You Lol


8.This Funny Meme About Overwatch Support Heroes

Overwatch Support Heroes are a lot of different from traditional medics/healers you see in games like Team Fortress 2. Whether you are an Offense, Defense, Tank, or Support Hero, you are required to defend yourself against enemy players. You are constantly in the line of fire. Being a Support Hero in Overwatch isn't an easy thing at all, and just as depicted in this meme, a Support Hero can kick an opponent's ass hard or even get killed by them. 

This Funny Meme About Overwatch Support Heroes-12 Hilarious Overwatch Memes That Are Sure To Make You Lol

9.Tracer Is Salad!

The Google suggestion is hilarious, but as of now, it is replaced by, "Tracer is gay!" Most of us assumed Tracer was gay when we first saw her! We were right because Blizzard confirmed that Tracer was a lesbian in one of those Overwatch comics. Blizzard tried its best to represent minorities in Overwatch, and a lot of people praised them for their effort. On the other hand, many people didn't like the idea and asserted that Blizzard didn't have to infuse a gay character to appease the LGBTQ and progressive community.

Tracer Is Salad!-12 Hilarious Overwatch Memes That Are Sure To Make You Lol


10.Here Comes Dad 76!

This meme refers to Jack Morrison a.k.a. Soldier 76 and his overprotective attitude toward the other members of his team. It has led to the creation of various memes, comics, and dad jokes about Soldier 76. As you know, Solider 76 is one of the best Offense Heroes of Overwatch. He has cool weapons, and he should appeal anyone who loves to destroy an enemy with ultra cool killing machines! He is the most preferred Offense Hero.

Here Comes Dad 76!-12 Hilarious Overwatch Memes That Are Sure To Make You Lol

11.Enemy Genji Vs. Your Team Genji

Genji is a fascinating Overwatch Offense Hero, and his abilities like Shuriken, Swift Strike, Deflect, and DragonBlade are incredible. The important thing, though, is that Genji is not for everyone. Those spammers who just press random buttons on a game controller can never win a match with Genji, just as humorously depicted in the meme. Good Genjis cause a lot of destruction, and factors such as rank and map influence their ability.  

Enemy Genji Vs. Your Team Genji-12 Hilarious Overwatch Memes That Are Sure To Make You Lol

12.Make America Great Again!

Mei is undeniably one of the best Defense Heroes of Overwatch. She has powerful abilities such as Cyro-Freeze, Endothermic Blaster, Blizzard, and Ice Wall. Apparently, this meme makes fun of Mei for her unique Ice Wall ability. As you know, Mei-Ling Zhou is capable of building a big ice wall to block enemies and protect herself or her team members. She is compared with Donald Trump here because Trump keeps saying that he will build a wall between the United States and Mexico!

Make America Great Again!-12 Hilarious Overwatch Memes That Are Sure To Make You Lol



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