15 Hilarious Texts From Grandparents

Monday, Aug 16, 2021, 12:13 pm
By:James Fraser

Grandparents are always special. Most of the grandparents are formal and traditional in their approach, while some try hard to look, feel and sound modern! Technology is one of many things grandparents struggle to adopt. However, not all of them are bad at it. Here are fifteen hilarious texts from grandparents that'll make you laugh.
10.He Knew 'Lol' Though

Grandpa learned a new thing! We hope he doesn't go around and text everyone with that 'wink' smiley thinking it was just a smile. The grandpa seems like he was learning those young people things' quickly. We don't think his grandchild is good in sending smileys either.

He Knew 'Lol' Though-15 Hilarious Texts From Grandparents

11.This Grandpa with Good Sense of Humor

People who have very old grandparents understand this text! This grandpa was clearly throwing a joke at his grandchild. We don't know the story behind this message. We, however, guess that grandpa was tired of waiting for a message/call from his grandchildren. Old people, especially those who stay away from their children, tend to suffer from severe loneliness.

This Grandpa with Good Sense of Humor-15 Hilarious Texts From Grandparents

12.Nothing Wrong in Trying

This grandpa is clearly a cool man. He clearly sounds like he is young at heart. He has a very good sense of humor. As you can see, he isn't like other old people who aren't really comfortable using smartphones, or mingling with people of this generation. He came up with a brilliant idea to kill boredom!

Nothing Wrong in Trying-15 Hilarious Texts From Grandparents