12 Hilarious Gay Jokes That Will Make Gay(Happy)

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 4:53 pm
By:James Fraser

From Mexican to adult jokes, we have already posted a bunch of hilarious jokes lists, and now we are all set to do that one more time. This time, the jokes are about gay people! As we keep saying, the sole intention behind topics like these is to make people laugh. What you are about to read now is a collection of some insanely funny gay jokes we found on the internet. Have a good laugh reading it and sharing the topic with friends, but don't use these gay jokes as homophobic slurs. Alrighty, let's get started!
4.This Hilarious Gay Joke

Three desperately ill men go to a doctor seeking help. One is an alcoholic, second is a chain smoker, and the third is gay. The doctor tells the three men that if they indulge in any of their habits again, they will die. The trio leaves the hospital, and on the way back to their home, the alcoholic sees a bar and can't stop himself from going in. He orders a shot of whiskey, drinks it, and collapses on the floor. The two men then realize how dangerous the situation is. After a few minutes, the chain smoker sees half a cigarette on the ground still burning. The gay guy then says, "If you bend over to pick that up, both of us are going to die!"

This Hilarious Gay Joke-12 Hilarious Gay Jokes That Will Make Gay(Happy)

5.This Dinosaur Joke

What do you call a gay dinosaur? 
- A Megasoreass! 
Hey, didn't you get the joke? Fine, read it again now. What do you call a gay dinosaur? A mega-sore-ass! It is a hilarious joke, isn't it? Hey, did you know that a few hardcore conservatives penned some ridiculous conspiracy theories in the past stating that dinosaurs went extinct because they were gay!  They even warned that human race would die out eventually if homosexuality was not condemned. Well, As far as we all know dinosaurs were gone because of a catastrophic meteor collision!  

This Dinosaur Joke-12 Hilarious Gay Jokes That Will Make Gay(Happy)

6.This Inappropriate But Hilarious Family Joke

A family of five has three kids; the two elder ones are girls, and the youngest is a boy. The elder sister came out of the closet when she turned 18 and told her mom that she was a lesbian. Five years later, the second girl also told her mom that she was gay as well. The furious mom then said, "Does anyone in this home even like a dick?" The boy comes out of his room saying, "I do, mommy!" 
This joke is very, very funny. Read some more amusing coming out stories that will send you into a fit of laughter!

This Inappropriate But Hilarious Family Joke-12 Hilarious Gay Jokes That Will Make Gay(Happy)