12 Hilarious Gay Jokes That Will Make Gay(Happy)

Wednesday, Aug 11, 2021, 4:53 pm
By:James Fraser

From Mexican to adult jokes, we have already posted a bunch of hilarious jokes lists, and now we are all set to do that one more time. This time, the jokes are about gay people! As we keep saying, the sole intention behind topics like these is to make people laugh. What you are about to read now is a collection of some insanely funny gay jokes we found on the internet. Have a good laugh reading it and sharing the topic with friends, but don't use these gay jokes as homophobic slurs. Alrighty, let's get started!
1.This Dirty Gay Joke

Two gay guys were about to have some good time in bed when they heard doorbell ringing. The first man told the other, "Wait here. Don't start until I come back." He returned in a few minutes and found out cum everywhere on the bed. Upset with what he saw, the first guy furiously asked his partner why he had to do that against his wish. The second person replied, "I didn't play. I just farted your last night cum out."
Eek, what a terrible and nasty gay joke! Well, many such homosexual jokes are ahead, so keep exploring.

This Dirty Gay Joke-12 Hilarious Gay Jokes That Will Make Gay(Happy)

2.What's It?

What's the favorite planet of gays? 
- Uranus! 
The name of the planet Uranus has been a subject of laughter for many years since its discovery in 1781. A British astronomer named William Herschel discovered Uranus. Interestingly, he wanted to name it after Britain's then-king, George III. He intended to call the newly discovered planet the Georgian Planet, but the international astronomy community rejected the idea and continued the age-old tradition of naming planets after the names of Greek and Roman Gods. Uranus is the name of a Greek god; unfortunately, the name Uranus has become a butt of jokes!

What's It?-12 Hilarious Gay Jokes That Will Make Gay(Happy)

3.This Funny Lesbian Joke

What did one lesbian vampire say to the other lesbian vampire? 
- I will you see you next month!  
If vampires love blood, why don't vampires drink period blood? The big question here is, why doesn't Edward Cullen attack Bella on her period?! No top vampire book author could give a logical explanation in this regard. Stephanie Meyer, the author of Twilight book series, once said that vampires are not attracted to period blood because it's not fresh. Many people didn't agree, though. How can someone call that blood stale when a vampire can slurp it right off the tap?!

This Funny Lesbian Joke-12 Hilarious Gay Jokes That Will Make Gay(Happy)


4.This Hilarious Gay Joke

Three desperately ill men go to a doctor seeking help. One is an alcoholic, second is a chain smoker, and the third is gay. The doctor tells the three men that if they indulge in any of their habits again, they will die. The trio leaves the hospital, and on the way back to their home, the alcoholic sees a bar and can't stop himself from going in. He orders a shot of whiskey, drinks it, and collapses on the floor. The two men then realize how dangerous the situation is. After a few minutes, the chain smoker sees half a cigarette on the ground still burning. The gay guy then says, "If you bend over to pick that up, both of us are going to die!"

This Hilarious Gay Joke-12 Hilarious Gay Jokes That Will Make Gay(Happy)

5.This Dinosaur Joke

What do you call a gay dinosaur? 
- A Megasoreass! 
Hey, didn't you get the joke? Fine, read it again now. What do you call a gay dinosaur? A mega-sore-ass! It is a hilarious joke, isn't it? Hey, did you know that a few hardcore conservatives penned some ridiculous conspiracy theories in the past stating that dinosaurs went extinct because they were gay!  They even warned that human race would die out eventually if homosexuality was not condemned. Well, As far as we all know dinosaurs were gone because of a catastrophic meteor collision!  

This Dinosaur Joke-12 Hilarious Gay Jokes That Will Make Gay(Happy)

6.This Inappropriate But Hilarious Family Joke

A family of five has three kids; the two elder ones are girls, and the youngest is a boy. The elder sister came out of the closet when she turned 18 and told her mom that she was a lesbian. Five years later, the second girl also told her mom that she was gay as well. The furious mom then said, "Does anyone in this home even like a dick?" The boy comes out of his room saying, "I do, mommy!" 
This joke is very, very funny. Read some more amusing coming out stories that will send you into a fit of laughter!

This Inappropriate But Hilarious Family Joke-12 Hilarious Gay Jokes That Will Make Gay(Happy)

7.This Funny Dad

A girl came out as a lesbian and brought her girlfriend home to introduce her to the family. After talking for a while, out of nowhere, the dad asked his daughter's girlfriend, "Are you two going to stay here and have dinner with us? Or, are you planning on eating out?" The whole family burst into laughter, and the two girls ran up the stairs giggling! 
Well, people who are struggling to out themselves know the real sweetness of this story. For the rest of us, it's just a hilarious family gay joke! If you're the kind of person who loves reading dad jokes then check out 15 hilarious Dad Jokes that will make you lol.

This Funny Dad-12 Hilarious Gay Jokes That Will Make Gay(Happy)


8.Did You Hear About Them?

Did you hear about the two gay guys that had an argument in the nightclub? 
- They went outside to exchange blows! 
It is yet another funny gay joke that makes many of us giggle. You don't often read gay puns on the internet, so remember this if you want to laugh at your gay friend. By making fun, we mean sharing a genuine and heartfelt humor. If you think these jokes might offend your gay friend, then don't even think about sharing them.

Did You Hear About Them?-12 Hilarious Gay Jokes That Will Make Gay(Happy)

9.Guess The Number!

How many gay men does it take to screw in a light bulb?
- Oneā€¦ But it takes half of the ER staff to get it out! 
Did you get the joke? It means that one gay guy sticks the light bulb up his ass! Before you scream WTF, let us tell you that incidents like these had happened very frequently and often show up on the internet as videos such as "One Guy - One Light Bulb," "One Man - One Jar," etc. Hey, never try to watch those videos. They are going to scar you for life! You should be aware of these 15 phrases you should never search on the internet!  

Guess The Number!-12 Hilarious Gay Jokes That Will Make Gay(Happy)


10.This Lengthy But Hilarious Lesbian Joke

A lady strolls into her doctor's office and says, "Doctor, I have this horrendous rash." She lifts up her sweater to uncover a vast "M" like rash on her chest. The doctor answers, "Now that is the weirdest rash I've ever seen." The lady clarifies, "Well my boyfriend goes to Michigan State University, and declines to remove his letter sweater when we make love." The doctor shrugs her shoulders, gives her some salve, and sends the lady on her way.
The following day another young lady comes into the doctor's office and she too has a major rash that looks like "M" on her midsection. "Give me a chance to figure," the doctor says. "Your boyfriend goes to Michigan State University?" asks the doctor. "No," the patient answers, "My girlfriend goes to Wellesley College!" 
The second girl got the rash when she and her girlfriend were eating each other out in 69 (sex position.) We hope you got the joke! 

This Lengthy But Hilarious Lesbian Joke-12 Hilarious Gay Jokes That Will Make Gay(Happy)

11.This One Liner Gay Joke

Gay jokes aren't funny, cum on guys! 
Many people who belong to the LGBT community don't like gay jokes. They complain that these jokes are a direct mockery of their choices. Hey, do you think these jokes are offensive? Well, let us remind you that there are jokes on every social class in the society. There are jokes on religions, races, social sects, and pretty much everything! Everyone in this world is a victim of mockery in some way, so no matter what you believe or follow you should lighten up and stop complaining. All that matters at the end of the day is a heartfelt laugh that de-stresses us. 

This One Liner Gay Joke-12 Hilarious Gay Jokes That Will Make Gay(Happy)


12.You Are What You Eat!

A dumb lesbian goes to a doctor and tells her she has been suffering from acid reflux. The doctor schooled her on various diet-related things and told her, "You are what you eat, Sofia." The dumb girl replied, "Are you calling me a cunt?"  
This dumb lesbian joke is very funny! Now that you have finished reading gay jokes, what's next? Hey, it's not the end of fun. We have another jokes list that will keep you entertained for a couple more minutes! Take a quick look at these hilarious blonde jokes that are sure to make you laugh out loud. 

You Are What You Eat!-12 Hilarious Gay Jokes That Will Make Gay(Happy)



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