15 Hilarious Facebook Drunk Posts

Thursday, Jul 7, 2022, 4:33 pm
By:James Fraser

Alcohol and Facebook don't go well together. When you are drunk, you can't stop yourself from posting nonsense on Facebook. There's a deep connection between alcohol and Facebook. It's hard to control that urge to post something on Facebook when you are drunk. Here are fifteen hilarious drunk posts on Facebook that force you not to post a single word on Facebook when you are drunk.
1.This Funny Drunk Guy

How to become a zero from hero on Facebook? It's simple! Post a dumb drunk status message like this guy. As we said earlier, you don't even know what you are doing when you are drunk. Apparently, this guy said some anonymous person has gifted him a wine. He later realized it was him who bought that wine actually.

This Funny Drunk Guy-15 Hilarious Facebook Drunk Posts

2.Don't Drink and Drive or Travel

Travelling is one of the many things you need to avoid when you are drunk. Why? Because, your drunk brain will take your stomach and its contents for a free ride! In this picture, you can see a drunk lady puking in a trashcan inside a subway station. She puked so hard that a bystander started puking seeing her.

Don't Drink and Drive or Travel-15 Hilarious Facebook Drunk Posts

3.This Guy Who Thinks It's Okay to Go to Office While Drunk

Who would go to work in a drunken state? Meet this person who did! He or she even announced that on Facebook saying they are coming to work in a drunken state. As expected, the person was sent back home by his boss. We hope he or she wasn't fired from the company, though they truly deserved that to happen. 

This Guy Who Thinks It's Okay to Go to Office While Drunk -15 Hilarious Facebook Drunk Posts

4.This Hypocrite

This picture shows you two different Facebook posts by same user. He said, "Why do ppl automatically think that im hung over when I say I have a headache -_-." The next morning he uploaded the pictures of drinks he had last night. Now we understand why people always think he is hung over whenever he says he has a headache!

This Hypocrite-15 Hilarious Facebook Drunk Posts

5.This Post Which Got This Teen Arrested

This guy from Oregon was arrested by police a couple of years ago after he posted this on his Facebook. Two of his Facebook buddies complained to police when they saw this post. Police investigated and arrested him on the basis his failure to perform the duties of a driver. He wasn't booked under drunk driving because of insufficient evidence.

This Post Which Got This Teen Arrested-15 Hilarious Facebook Drunk Posts

6.Way to Go

We hope more and more people enjoy their drinks like her. There was no drama, no nonsense and no nuisance. She said she was enjoying her drink and pizza, while watching 30 Rock. She was way better than many people, who drink less but puke more and act worst. Whatever, even she couldn't stop herself from posting a drunk status!

Way to Go-15 Hilarious Facebook Drunk Posts

7.If It Was in US, He Would Have Been in Jail

Driving when you are drunk is very bad. It is actually illegal almost everywhere. Announcing you're drunk driving on Facebook is worse. Except that long reply from a lady there, nothing in this picture is making sense.  Driving under alcohol influence put your or other people's lives at risk. Never, ever drink and drive, or encourage people who frequently drink and drive.

If It Was in US, He Would Have Been in Jail-15 Hilarious Facebook Drunk Posts


8.You Puked in Your Freezer, Not Cool

That guy was drunk, and that was a drunk text. Who else will puke in his freezer? It must be him or his homies. Drunk people usually do all sorts of stupid things. By the way, how can he revive that freezer again? Most freezers already suck with their bad odor. Now, imagine a freezer that smells like puke.

You Puked in Your Freezer, Not Cool-15 Hilarious Facebook Drunk Posts

9.Facebook + Alcohol = Fail

Alcohol = fail! It will make you do all kinds of stupid things. You will find it okay to do anything you want when you are high. You no longer care about what people may think about you. Check this dude and his funny drunk text. We bet he will regret posting this the morning after.

Facebook + Alcohol = Fail-15 Hilarious Facebook Drunk Posts


10.This Drunk Guy Discovered Something New

Imagine the amount of embarrassment he will have the next day if he's not gay. We are sure he himself would find this post disgusting and devastating to his personal image when his body runs out of alcohol completely. Nevertheless, this stunt from this drunk man made us laugh. 

This Drunk Guy Discovered Something New-15 Hilarious Facebook Drunk Posts

11.This Funny Guy Who Treats Hangover with Vodka

That's how silly one behaves when he or she is completely drunk. As you can see from the image, this guy trolled himself by putting a cup filled with vodka next to his bed, along with a note that reads as 'for hungover me'. When he woke up in the next morning, he thought it was water, but it wasn't.

This Funny Guy Who Treats Hangover with Vodka-15 Hilarious Facebook Drunk Posts

12.She Threw the Phone Away?

One doesn't simply pee on their phones accidentally. She said she was drunk, but prefers to call her stupid act as an 'accident'. Her friend on the other hand found out why she must have done that. By the way, is there really an app which asks its users to pee on the phone for a pregnancy test?

She Threw the Phone Away?-15 Hilarious Facebook Drunk Posts

13.You are Clearly Drunk

Only drunk people post statuses like those. This post sounds better than those posts that say they have peed on phones or tasted their own semen. However, playing in snow when you are drunk can be very dangerous. If you pass out while playing in snow, you may even kill yourself with hypothermia. Such Facebook posts only cause embarrassment, not death.

You are Clearly Drunk-15 Hilarious Facebook Drunk Posts

14.Another Embarrassing Drunk Post

People do lots of adventures when they are dunk. You have already read a ton of them in this list alone. This is yet another absurd thing a drunk person did. Why would anyone want to shove up a tampon at wrong places? Tampons are supposed to protect people from embarrassment!

Another Embarrassing Drunk Post-15 Hilarious Facebook Drunk Posts

15.This is Disgusting

We now believe that guy who ate his semen is two hundred times better than this drunk girl who took a dump in the middle of her house. Isn't that really sick? We don't see any reason why she should post that on her Facebook and let everyone including us know that! Don't even try to read that post again.

This is Disgusting-15 Hilarious Facebook Drunk Posts



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