12 Hilarious Drinking Memes That Are Sure To Make You Laugh

Wednesday, Sep 16, 2020, 1:29 pm
By:James Fraser

Drinking alcohol is like putting makeup on real life! It hides reality, and it does take people on a euphoric journey. Booze boosts confidence, gives nightmares, makes one happy, or even drives people toward self-harm. Importantly, it roasts the liver and screws up the mind! Despite all the negativity attached to drinking, many people still don't prefer giving up the habit and prepare themselves to embrace all health problems it brings. Well, that's the power of alcohol! Now, let's explore the lighter side of booze with these 12 funny drinking memes.
10.The Power Of Alcohol!

"Alcohol - because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad!" 
This is a cool catchphrase, and you are going to like it instantly if you enjoy drinking. As a drinker, you sometimes need to handle teetotalers and their sharp remarks about consuming alcohol. Memes like these come very handy in dealing with such people, as they let you defend alcohol in the sassiest way possible! 

The Power Of Alcohol!-12 Hilarious Drinking Memes That Are Sure To Make You Laugh

11.Alcohol In A Nutshell!

"Alcohol - dignity remover in a bottle." 
Most of us do stupid things while under the alcohol influence! Even though you don't exactly do things like what the girl in the picture is doing, you still have your own silly and stupid forms to exhibit during a heavy alcohol drinking session! Alcohol messes up brain's neurotransmitter system and constricts the part of the brain that controls our judgment and assess threats around us. The result? You have it in the picture! Here are some more hilarious images of girls being drunk and passed out.

Alcohol In A Nutshell!-12 Hilarious Drinking Memes That Are Sure To Make You Laugh

12.Technically, Alcohol Is A Solution!

Do you love reading puns? If so, you may like this alcohol pun. This chemistry joke is referring to alcohol as a chemical solution as well as an answer to people's problems. Technically speaking, alcohol is not a solution. As you may know, a solution is something that is a mixture of two or more compounds. Alcohol is the name given to a group of organic compounds that contain the likes of ethanol. Pure ethanol isn't a solution, but alcoholic drinks such as vodka, whiskey, and beer can be considered a solution. 

Technically, Alcohol Is A Solution!-12 Hilarious Drinking Memes That Are Sure To Make You Laugh