12 Hilarious Confused Mr. Krabs Memes

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 11:38 am
By:James Fraser

Confused Mr. Krabs or When You Wake up from a Nap is a reaction image that is used to describe an awkward or confused situation. The meme is a screenshot of a scene in one of the episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants, "Patty Hype," in which Mr. Krabs is surrounded by a mob of angry residents. The reaction image has gained a lot of popularity in the recent months, as thousands of people have used it to share those dazed moments of their life. Now, check these 12 Confused Mr. Krabs memes that surely make you laugh. 
1.The Struggle Is Real

Me when I'm about to kill a bug vs. when it starts flying! 
Unless you are an arthropodologist, you can't tell if an insect can fly by just seeing it. Many bugs, including some spiders, can fly or jump very fast, giving you no time to kill them. In some cases, they fly right at your face, making you freak out and instantly regret the decision of trying to mess with them. The expert advice is that you should never try to get near to a bug unless you are gutsy enough to jab them with a flyswatter in one go. 

The Struggle Is Real-12 Hilarious Confused Mr. Krabs Memes

2.When Your Phone Rings In Class

That's an embarrassing situation! No matter how hard we try, we can't really stop our phone from going off at places like a classroom, funeral homes, etc. And many of us have faced it at some point in our lives. As a grown up adult, it only embarrasses us, but if you are a student, and if you accidentally set your phone or alarm to go off in a classroom, the class teacher is definitely going to make that whole thing a disciplinary issue. Tons of YouTube videos show teachers losing their cool upon hearing a phone ring in their classrooms. Scary!

When Your Phone Rings In Class-12 Hilarious Confused Mr. Krabs Memes

3.When You Are Masturbating In Your Room

It feels terrible to find ourselves in such inappropriate and highly awkward situation. People need to lock their rooms and be quiet while having fun alone, especially when they are living with their parents. Forgetting to lock the door isn't an excusable thing at all. With that being said, some people still get caught despite being careful about it. Firstly, never ever enter someone's room without knocking the door. Secondly, don't masturbate or have sex without closing the doors. That should solve all the problems.

When You Are Masturbating In Your Room-12 Hilarious Confused Mr. Krabs Memes

4.When Judas Came To Know Jesus Was Resurrected

The resurrection news might have scared the life out of Judas! Betraying Jesus was a bad thing for Judas, as the guilt led him toward suicide. There are contradicting references to Judas death, and his motive behind the betrayal. Well, let's not dig deep into this religious issue. It's complicated! Anyway, that's exactly anyone feels when they came to know that the person they killed came back to life! Not a good thing at all, isn't it?

When Judas Came To Know Jesus Was Resurrected-12 Hilarious Confused Mr. Krabs Memes

5.Can You Relate?

"When your mom left you in the checkout line to grab something, and the person in front of you are about pay!" 
A lot of people who find themselves in such scenarios don't care about it at all. They just wait there for a minute or two until their mom or anyone who accompanied them returns to the checkout line. An average individual lets the person standing behind them to pay, whereas socially awkward people get freaked out just as depicted in this meme! 

Can You Relate?-12 Hilarious Confused Mr. Krabs Memes

6.When Your Friends Had Different Answers Than You

When you thought you did well on an exam on a test but you overhear your friends talking about, and they had different answers than you. 
The worst part is when the entire class is divided into two groups and argue over two closely related and possible correct outcomes, but your answer is completely different and nowhere closer to the two of them! Oh man, that sucks! The only way to avoid those terrible situations is to prepare well for a test. 

When Your Friends Had Different Answers Than You-12 Hilarious Confused Mr. Krabs Memes

7.This Awkward Situation

When your girl takes off the blindfold & instead of getting freaky, all your side chicks in the room! 
No man wants to find himself in that situation! That's scary, really. Side chick, the other woman, mistress, marriage-wrecker… whatever the name be, when you don't handle them well, you are sure to face a lot of problems. Having side chicks and side dudes is like carrying a bomb in the pocket. There is always that danger no matter how good you are at concealing affairs.

This Awkward Situation-12 Hilarious Confused Mr. Krabs Memes


8.When You Realize The Wi-Fi Was Off

Because mobile data costs ridiculously higher than wired networks, using it to watch movies or videos is a terrible idea. The good thing is many US leading wireless carriers worked their way to reduce ludicrous over usage data costs to a few dollars per GB of data. Back in the day when 4G was new, many unlucky people paid thousands of dollars for exceeding the data limit. It's still happening in many other countries, though. Remember to make use of data management apps you find in Play Market or App Store that protect you and regulate your data usage.

When You Realize The Wi-Fi Was Off-12 Hilarious Confused Mr. Krabs Memes

9.When You Put On Glasses For The First Time

This is the actual Mr. Krabs scene we talked about at the beginning of this topic! The person who created the Mr. Krabs meme swirled this photo to make Mr. Krabs look dazed. Someone cleverly and funnily tried to counter the morphed Mr. Krabs meme! They make sense because that is how you usually see things after putting on glasses for the first time! Most of us live with minor vision problems not knowing we have them. When a doctor finds out we have issues and gives us glasses to correct them; we will realize how we lived a 720P life as opposed to Full HD! 

When You Put On Glasses For The First Time-12 Hilarious Confused Mr. Krabs Memes


10.Besides Money, Why Do You Want To Work Here?

Interviews are tricky! You need more than just professional skills to nail them. Interviewers or business owners prefer a person who can assimilate into their company's culture well, so they may drop a highly confident guy with amazing skills for a moderately skilled guy who is a good listener. As an applicant, you need to make sure you study the job requirement as well as the company and its culture by their online presence such as the company website or social media pages. To answer "Why do you want to work here?" effectively, politely tell them you pay a lot of attention to job requirements and apply only when you think you can be a valuable asset for the company. Tell them that you have gone through the organization's mission, vision, etc. and liked them. 

Besides Money, Why Do You Want To Work Here?-12 Hilarious Confused Mr. Krabs Memes

11.When You Don't Have Friends!

When you sign up for a new class, the first thing you need to do is make friends. As people sit closer to each other in a classroom, it isn't a difficult thing at all to make few good friends. You can at least talk with the one who sits next to you. No matter who you are and what you do, you must have friends not only to hang out and party but also back you up when you need something or when you are in problems. 

When You Don't Have Friends! -12 Hilarious Confused Mr. Krabs Memes

12.This State Of Confusion

At times, we all go through this situation. You take a short nap in the afternoon, and you end up waking up at some point in the late evening. That happens because your brain completes a full cycle of sleep including a few hours of deep sleep a.k.a. Theta state. Usually, during short naps, your brain doesn't enter the deep sleep stage. It regains consciousness right after the REM phase a.k.a. Rapid Eye Movement.

This State Of Confusion-12 Hilarious Confused Mr. Krabs Memes



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