12 Hilarious Clothing Tags You'll Ever See

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020, 8:05 am
By:Tony Williams

The laundry instruction tags that we find on our clothes are pretty straightforward in most cases. They tell us how to and how not to wash the garments. Many of us, especially the men, pay no heed to such clothing tags. It is probably a good idea to check those labels. We are telling you this not because the tags have important laundry instructions printed on them, but because they may surprise you with some hilarious messages. Whether they are the result of clothing manufacturers' sense of humor or got lost in translation, the following 12 clothing tag instructions are hilarious to read!

#8 Not On Saturn??

Well this will come as a shock to you that this garment was indeed made on earth. Surely everybody was looking at it and thinking that it was out of this world only to then be disappointed that this is not the case.

Not On Saturn??-12 Hilarious Clothing Tags You'll Ever See