Hidden Railing Street Arts

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 6:36 pm
By:Tony Williams


The moment you look at this piece of art you instantly wonder what the guy is thinking about as he does appear to be pondering his entire life. The detail here is outstanding as you see the wrinkles in his fingers and ultimately it is a piece of art that is full of life and you expect him to just move off the railings after he has stopped thinking about things.

Pondering-Hidden Railing Street Arts

2.The lovers

This is about as passionate as railing art is going to get with this scene of two lovers embracing one another. You have to admire the way in which it has been put together because it is surely a difficult scene to replicate especially in this format. The colors may not be as strong as other examples, but they still work perfectly well with the mood that they are trying to create.

The lovers-Hidden Railing Street Arts

3.The smoker

This girl has been called the smoker as it has that feel about it, and there is some smoke coming from her lips as well, and it is certainly a piece of hidden art that really does stand out. The colors that are included in it work perfectly with the image itself as it adds a certain type of mood to it all resulting in something that is amazing to look at.

The smoker-Hidden Railing Street Arts


This girl has a certain scared look about her, but not in a mouth wide open kind of way. Instead, her eyes are big and wide open, but how the artist has managed to capture all of this in railings really is an absolute mystery. The detail that is in it is outstanding and ultimately you cannot help but love what they have done.

Scared-Hidden Railing Street Arts

5.The face

OK this may not be the best looking face you will ever come across, but for some reason it just works well on this railing and you feel as if the person really is in a world of their own due to the way in which their eyes make them look so distant. The colors work very well indeed on these railings and ultimately it is a wonderful piece of art that you will only ever see from certain angles.

The face-Hidden Railing Street Arts

6.The eye

OK this just shows an eye, but it is colorful, it is detailed, and from certain angles it will completely vanish from view. This is quite a cool piece of art and perhaps the best part is that the size of it is just right for the subject because anything bigger would have ended up looking slightly bizarre and it would lose some of its charm.

The eye-Hidden Railing Street Arts


Imagine looking up and seeing this old person looking back at you. The wrinkles in their face tells you a thousand words about their life, but at what point do you decide to put their image in such a place? At first glance you would even be forgiven for thinking it was Albert Einstein, but if it had been then surely you would have been freaked out even more?

Old-Hidden Railing Street Arts

8.Lost in thought

This should be called lost in thought because that is the feeling that you get the very moment you look at the piece of art. The fact that it is in black and white does just add to the mood of the piece and the eyes on her are actually quite haunting and overall it is something that you cannot help but admire.

Lost in thought-Hidden Railing Street Arts


This female musician just seems to work so well on these railings and once again it shows how talented the artist is in order to be able to produce something as good as this on something as difficult as long slants of metal. It is a real mystery as to how they manage to do this because surely it is not that easy? How do they line up each individual part to make sure that it just works?

Musician-Hidden Railing Street Arts

10.Model pose

The pose here really does make you see the girl as a model as she has that look in her eyes and also with the position of her head. However, it is all about the art of having her on these railings and it would probably freak you out a bit if you caught her at the right angle and suddenly had someone looking back at you.

Model pose-Hidden Railing Street Arts

11.Amnesty man

This piece of art showing a man in glasses looking back at you was actually commissioned by Amnesty International and it was part of a campaign they were running to highlight certain cases. It is quite spooky the way that this guy looks back at you and there is just something about his eyes that draw you in, but once again move to a different angle and he vanishes completely.

Amnesty man-Hidden Railing Street Arts

12.Thoughtful girl

This piece of art is amazing since it does vanish when you move to a different angle. The picture can only be described as being a girl who is lost in her thoughts and you really do just get that feeling as soon as you look at her. There is so much detail and so much life in the piece that it is just amazing to think that it is done entirely on railings.

Thoughtful girl-Hidden Railing Street Arts



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