Funny Website Error Messages

Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 9:28 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Explaining in a diagram

This is a clear attempt at trying to explain it in a diagram and hopefully it has managed to clear everything up for you. Do you look at it and think you fully understand it now? Nope? Well that goes for everybody else as well.

Explaining in a diagram-Funny Website Error Messages

2.You are fired!!

Well due to there being a broken page it looks like Brent is on his way out of the door. No wonder he looks a bit sad about it and he probably blames you for finding that page in the first place. You better watch out.

You are fired!!-Funny Website Error Messages

3.Undressed Winston

Poor Winston, all he was doing was looking for his favorite outfit and then we found a broken page and caught him unawares. No wonder he looks a bit perplexed with it all because would you not be the same if you were in your pants?

Undressed Winston-Funny Website Error Messages

4.Breaking a few myths

Yeah all they have done here is manage to destroy what we thought was real. Are they really saying that unicorns are made up? That is just terrible news.

Breaking a few myths-Funny Website Error Messages

5.A skateboarding polar bear?

This is for a newspaper in the UK and you do have to wonder why they have decided to put a skateboarding polar bear on their 404 page. At what point in the design process do you ultimately go for this option?

A skateboarding polar bear?-Funny Website Error Messages

6.Bug swallowing is terrible

Yeah that bug swallowing thing does cause a lot of problems as we can see here. However, they do not say which bug it is, but then if it is going to cause them turbulence and then possibly explode, then it must be a big one.

Bug swallowing is terrible-Funny Website Error Messages

7.That seems ominous

The last thing you want to see with a 404 page is the grim reaper especially when he is telling you that he will see you soon. However, at least it is creative and surely that has to be a good thing?

That seems ominous-Funny Website Error Messages

8.The bored panda

This message is funny because they have gone to some lengths in order to give you a funny page to look at. Not only have they put a panda on there, but they have concocted an entire story as well.

The bored panda-Funny Website Error Messages

9.It's the animals

Well it looks like those Tumbeasts have a lot to answer for when you see the trouble they have got themselves into. Just look at those little critters. Do you not see that they are only ever going to get up to mischief?

It's the animals-Funny Website Error Messages

10.That explains it

Well this should explain what is going on here and at least they have tried their best to make everything absolutely crystal clear. Now that you know about your doo-hickey and the state it is in you can rest a bit easier.

That explains it-Funny Website Error Messages

11.Get Justin

At this point you are now wondering if Justin actually is an employee or if they are completely making it all up. Anyway, he appears to be dressed for love and how could you ever resist him?

Get Justin-Funny Website Error Messages

12.Digg admit's a failure

OK so this is an older error screen from Digg, but it is at least a bit different from the usual 404 message that is actually quite boring. Somebody has been creative there and at least it should put a smile on your face.

Digg admit's a failure-Funny Website Error Messages



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