Funny Exam Answers

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2020, 11:47 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Well you said heavy metal

This shows an intimate knowledge of heavy metal music, but sadly it is not the metals that they are talking about in this chemistry exam. Sadly they were told it was the wrong answer, but hey at least they tried.

Well you said heavy metal-Funny Exam Answers

2.Great stuff

This is another example where the answers are actually smarter than the real answers and for that reason the person that put them there should be celebrated rather than told they were wrong. They are cleverer than the teacher perhaps realizes.

Great stuff-Funny Exam Answers

3.You wanted a description

You wanted a description of the graph and boy did you get one. This is somebody that does not actually understand what the answer could be, so tried to get out of it by going completely over the top with the wrong answer, but 10 out of 10 for being creative.

You wanted a description-Funny Exam Answers

4.Well it's right?

This answer is very funny, but at the same time it is also very accurate as well. Surely they could not mark them down as being wrong when they are actually right in what they say?

Well it's right?-Funny Exam Answers

5.A lap dancer?

Millions of kids around the world will have seen an image like this in an exam, but now if you see one you are always going to think of a woman draping herself over your lap. This person had too much time on their hands in the exam to allow them to dream this up.

A lap dancer?-Funny Exam Answers

6.A shame

At least with this answer showing a boy sleeping in the space the teacher has a sense of humor as well. However, it did not help them to pass. So it was all a bit of a waste of time wasn't it?

A shame-Funny Exam Answers

7.A creative pass

This is an absolute master class in how you can take the wording of a question in a completely different way to what it was intended. It is a shame that their official score is a fail because this person is clearly a comic genius and should be praised for their wit.

A creative pass-Funny Exam Answers


The funniest part about this answer is that most people would struggle to come up with the drawing part because it is taking creativity to a new level. All they have done is to take the number 5 and get drawing as if it is magically spurting out the right answer before their very eyes.

Artistic-Funny Exam Answers

9.Ninja turtle

What this answer shows is that if you have no idea as to what to put just resort to some kind of cartoon crazy answer. You can tell that the teacher is so desperate to give them a mark for it, so it very nearly worked.

Ninja turtle-Funny Exam Answers

10.The face plant theory

Ah yes, the angle of face plant theory is something that is very rarely used in an exam setting and there are a number of good reasons as to why that is the case. As you can see here the guy in question is already starting to go down, but the answer is wrong as his momentum will probably make him move further forward than the arrow suggests.

The face plant theory-Funny Exam Answers

11.Go giraffe

Well this person is not only trying to be funny, but they were also being quite clever at the same time. As you can see it also worked in them getting an extra mark, so maybe the next time there will be even more animals to boost their mark?

Go giraffe-Funny Exam Answers


Well the exam question did ask for a sketch, but you know that the person setting the question did not expect this work of art to appear. At least they have remembered to include everything that was asked of them, just they put things in the wrong place.

Artistic-Funny Exam Answers



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